UNITED S14 Long-Haul Operation Changes as of 04JAN14

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As per 04JAN14 GDS timetable/inventory display, latest changes to UNITED’s Summer 2014 Long-Haul operation changes as follow. Note in this update, operational aircraft changes in March 2014 on selected routes is also covered. All effective dates listed below is for US departure only.

Chicago – Munich
UA 767-300ER replaces UA 777-200ER during following period: 01APR14 – 05MAY14, 19AUG14 – 25OCT14 (New Adjustment)
Service reduces from 7 weekly to 6 weekly (ORD Day x2, MUC Day x3) during following period: 06OCT14 – 25OCT14

Chicago – Paris CDG eff 06MAY14 UA 777-200ER replaces 767-300ER (Previously planned 777 operation from 02JUL14 to 18AUG14 only)
UA987 ORD1810 – 0925+1CDG 777 D
UA986 CDG1115 – 1335ORD 777 D

Houston – Frankfurt 20SEP14 – 25OCT14 CO 777-200ER replaces UA 767-300ER, daily
Newark – Geneva
02JUL14 – 31JUL14 CO 767-400ER replaces UA 767-300ER (Previously planned 764 operation from 05JUN14 to 31JUL14)
Service Reduces from 7 weekly to 6 weekly (EWR Day x2, GVA Day x3) from 13OCT14

Newark – Paris CDG Gradual capacity increase to 2 daily UA 3-class 767 by July 2014
UA056/057 operational aircraft changes
06MAR14 – 31MAR14 UA 777-200ER operating, flight number operating as UA904/905
01APR14 – 22APR14 CO 767-400ER operating (Previously planned 757-200)
23APR14 – 05MAY14 CO 757-200 operating
eff 06MAY14 UA 767-300ER operating, flight number operating as UA904/905
05JUN14 – 01JUL14 CO 767-400ER replaces UA 767-300ER (NEW Adjustment)
19AUG14 – 19SEP14 CO 767-400ER replaces UA 767-300ER (NEW Adjustment)

UA054/055 (No changes since last report on 30NOV13)
eff 02JUL14 UA054/055 (CO 757) changes to UA876/875 (UA 767; until 18AUG14, EWR departure)

Washington Dulles – Zurich Revised Boeing 767-300ER operation, operates from 02APR14 to 05MAY14, and from 20SEP14. Boeing 767-400ER operates from 06MAY14 to 19SEP14

Previously reported changes:
Chicago – Edinburgh 22MAY14 – 05OCT14 NEW 5 weekly CO 757-200 service (daily from 16JUN14 to 31AUG14; 4 weekly from 05SEP14)
Chicago – Frankfurt
eff 29MAR14 UA944/945 operates with UA 3-class Boeing 777-200ER, instead of planned 767-300ER
eff 08APR14 Re-introduction of Boeing 747-400 service on UA907/906 remains unchanged

Chicago – Shanghai Pu Dong eff 30MAR14 Boeing 747-400 replaces 777-200ER, 1 daily
Chicago – Shannon 22MAY14 – 14SEP14 Summer seasonal service expanded by 5 weeks; Operation increases from 5 weekly to daily from 16JUN14 to 17AUG14, 757 operating
Chicago – Tokyo Narita eff 30MAR14 Boeing 747-400 replaces 777-200ER, 1 daily
Honolulu – Tokyo Narita eff 06MAR14 Boeing 747-400 operates this route once again (777 replaces 747 from 13FEB14 to 05MAR14, HNL departure)
Houston – Lagos eff 21APR14 Service increases from 5 to 6 weekly, CO 787-8 operating
Houston – London Heathrow
01APR14 – 05MAY14 Boeing 787 service increases from 1 to 2 daily
UA921 IAH1520 – 0655+1LHR 763 D
UA097 IAH1825 – 0940+1LHR 788 D
UA004 IAH2050 – 1205+1LHR 788 D

UA920 LHR0930 – 1410IAH 763 D
UA096 LHR1140 – 1600IAH 788 D
UA005 LHR1335 – 1755IAH 788 D

From 06MAY14 (IAH departure), UA097/096 replaced by UA985/984, Boeing 767-300ER.

Houston – Munich eff 24APR14 NEW daily service on board CO 767-400ER
Houston – Tokyo Narita eff 30MAR14 Service increases from 1 to 2 daily
Los Angeles – Sydney – Melbourne eff 30MAR14 UA 3-class Boeing 777-200ER replaces 747-400
Newark – Amsterdam eff 06MAY14 UA 3-class 767-300ER replaces CO 757-200 for entire Summer season (Previously planned to operate until 04SEP14
Newark – Berlin Tegel 02JUL14 – 31JUL14 UA 3-class 767-300ER replaces CO 757-200 (Previously planned until 11AUG14)
Newark – Brussels 01APR14 – 05MAY14 CO 767-400ER replaces UA 777-200ER
Newark – Frankfurt Service in Summer 2014 operates 1 daily with UA 777-200ER, instead of CO 767-400ER
Newark – London Heathrow Following CO 757-200 service to be switched to UA 3-class 767. Service in March 2014 and June – August 2014 to be operated by 767 4 times a day and 777 once a day
UA114/111 changes to UA940/941 (Currently in effect, 767 operates until 25OCT14)
eff 13FEB14 UA044/045 changes to UA922/923
eff 06MAR14 UA110/115 changes to UA800/943 (767 operates from 06MAR14 to 29MAR14, 05JUN14 to 18AUG14)
eff 06MAR14 UA017/016 changes to UA942/801 (767 operates from 06MAR14 to 31MAR14, 05JUN14 onwards)

Newark – Zurich CO 767-400ER operates entire Summer 2014 season. UA Boeing 767 operated during certain periods in S13
San Francisco – Chengdu eff 09JUN14 NEW 3 weekly Boeing 787-8 service
San Francisco – London Heathrow eff 08APR14 Summer service operates with UA 3-class Boeing 777-200 twice a day. UA901/900 to be operated by Boeing 747-400 instead of 777-200ER from 02JUL14 to 31JUL14 (SFO departure)
San Francisco – Osaka Kansai 01APR14 – 05MAY14 UA 3-class Boeing 777-200ER replaces CO 787-8
San Francisco – Sydney eff 30MAR14 UA 3-class Boeing 777-200ER replaces 747-400
San Francisco – Taipei Taoyuan eff 29MAR14 Service resumes with UA 3-class Boeing 777-200ER on daily basis
San Francisco – Tokyo Narita Double Daily Boeing 747-400 service, introduced from 26OCT13, is being maintained on/after 30MAR14
Washington Dulles – London Heathrow 4th daily service, UA130/131, cancelled in Summer 2014 season
Washington Dulles – Madrid 05JUN14 – 04SEP14 Service resumes as seasonal flight with Boeing 757
Washington Dulles – Munich CO 767-400ER operates entire Summer 2014 season

Tokyo Narita – Bangkok eff 29MAR14 1 daily service cancelled
Tokyo Narita – Seoul Incheon eff 29MAR14 Service switches from UA 777 to CO 737-800 (ICN departure from 30MAR14)

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