Aruba Airport Authority N.V. logo

Aruba Airport Authority N.V.

  • PAX: 1,902,067

“Aeropuerto Internacional Reina Beatrix” now has its own logo

With a large sign at the entrance of the airport

Aruba Airport Authority N.V. (AAA), company that manages and operates Aeropuerto Internacional Reina Beatrix (AIRB) in the presence of Minister of Tourism Mr. Dangui Oduber introduced an official logo for the airport, separate from the logo currently being used to identify AAA as the authority. 

When creating the AIRB logo the objective was for it to be representative of Aruba and relatable for the Aruban community.  

The AIRB logo consists of the Aloe Vera, the Sun, Arrows and the International Airport Code for Aeropuerto Internacional Reina Beatrix:  

  • The Aloe Vera is one of Aruba’s oldest sources of income. This plant was the most substantial product distributed world-wide from Aruba. To commemorate this, the plant is included as a national symbol
  • With year-round sunny days in the Caribbean, the sun is important for the tourism of Aruba. Tourists keep coming back because of our climate
  • Aruba Airport serves various markets in regions of the world with 30 gateways spread over these markets. The arrows represent the different markets and destinations from and to Aruba with Red representing the US market, Orange representing the Canadian market, Yellow representing the European market, Green representing the Latin American market and Blue representing the Caribbean market
  • AUA is the international airport code used for Aeropuerto Internacional Reina Beatrix

“We believe it’s very important for the airport to have its own unique branding that’s separate from the company/authority that runs it. We are not replacing the existing logo, it will simply be exclusively used for AAA. We are convinced that the AIRB logo reflects the island’s cultural heritage and will help to further differentiate Aruba Airport from other airports in the region,” said AAA CEO Mr. James Fazio regarding the introduction of the new AIRB logo. 

Simultaneously with the launch of the AIRB logo, the airport also unveiled the new entrance sign to the airport which will captivate the attention of the airport passengers upon arrival to the airport. 

The AIRB logo will be used to brand the airport on all social media platforms and the airport itself. Airport visitors can take a picture with the AIRB logo at the entrance to the airport and post it on facebook/twitter/instagram using the hashtag #AUAairport to have the opportunity to win AIRB logo memorabilia.