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AUA's unforgettable Aviation Cake Bake-off

Live from Aruba Airport’s Facebook Page, followers watched the 1st Aviation Cake Baking Competition

Aruba Airport held it's 1st Aviation Cake Baking Competition on Sunday, October 13th, 2019 together with EPI Hospitality & Tourism Unit students. 

10 Pastry teams consisting of 2 EPI students went head to head in an unforgettable Aviation Cake Bake-off to become the official baker for Avianca's 100 Years celebration and win a brand new AUA baker kit. On Saturday, October 12th all teams had a maximum of 2 hours to bake their cakes in preparation for the main competition. On Sunday, October 13th, the 10 teams were officially introduced and were asked to stand at their assigned stations where the competition started at exactly 10:00 AM. The teams received 5 hours to cut their cakes, prepare and create all their cake decorations. At exactly 3:00 PM, the time was up and all cakes were transported to Aruba Airport's US Check-in Building where the main judging event took place. Each team had 2 minutes to present their cake to the judges, while the judges were able to taste the cakes and score the teams based on their creative ability, overall appearance, texture and flavor.

The winners of the 1st Aviation Cake Baking Competition are:
Bronze Whisk Winner (3rd place): Jahrmael White & Requelle de Weever
Silver Whisk Winner (2nd place): Aneudy Liriano & Garrick Tromp
Gold Whisk Winner (1st place): Mariel Willems & Michelle Fitz Verploegh