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Alyzia SAS receives a temporary license for 6 months at Brussels Airport

Alyzia SAS can operate as a handler at Brussels Airport for the next six months and will receive a temporary license for baggage and platform handling. Alyzia will now start negotiations with the airlines in the short term and take the necessary steps to recruit personnel. Alyzia SAS will start on 1 July, subject to the approval of the BCAA.

Pending the organization of the normal procedure for selecting a new handler to replace Swissport Belgium and the granting of a second license (for the categories limited to baggage and runway assistance), Brussels Airport has granted a temporary license to a second handler to carry out assistance activities. Among the candidates interested in this temporary license, Brussels Airport has just selected Alyzia SAS. Alyzia will receive a temporary license for support activities for the next six months.

Alyzia was able to demonstrate in its offer that it is able to start in the very short term and can offer the guarantees necessary to provide assistance services to airlines in a safe, correct and qualitative manner. This new partner will be authorized to exercise two activities: baggage handling and track assistance. In addition, it can also offer passenger assistance (such as check-in) and cleaning.

Alyzia is a French handler who offers a full range of ground handling activities and which is present at all major airports in France (Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, etc.). Alyzia has over 3000 staff members and has more than 80 airlines in its portfolio, several of which are also active at Brussels Airport. Alyzia has a good reputation. Its strategy aims to further develop activities on an international scale. The work for Brussels Airport represents a first step in this strategy and the Alyzia company intends to benefit from the existing experience of the staff members of the bankrupt Swissport Belgium S.A.

Alyzia will now take the necessary short-term measures to obtain approval from the Directorate General of Air Transport (DGTA). In addition, he will also enter into negotiations with the airlines to offer his services and enter into personnel talks in order to recruit the necessary collaborators. Subject to DGTA approval, Alyzia will start on July 1 at Brussels Airport.