World Routes 2014

World Routes Marketing Awards

The World Routes Marketing Awards are highly regarded as the most prestigious awards in the industry as they are voted for and judged by the airline network planning community.

About the World Routes Marketing Awards 2014

The World Routes Awards will take place at the World Routes Networking Evening at the spectacular Field Museum in Chicago on 22nd September. The evening will be hosted by Chicago Department of Aviation and Choose Chicago. The overall winner of each Regional Awards will be automatically short-listed for the World Routes Awards.

“It means a lot to be overall winner in the World Routes Awards 2013. I think it is one of the great partnerships we have in the world, which is our aviation partnerships; our state and territory partnerships and our airport partnerships. So it means a lot to Team Australia. Tourism has gone up to accept the award but quite genuinely it’s an award that Australia has achieved together.” 

Andrew McAvoy
Former Managing Director, Tourism Australia
Overall Winner of World Routes Marketing Awards 2013

World Routes 2014 Awards Schedule

Voting opens Tuesday 15th July 2014
Voting closes Thursday 21st August 2014
Companies shortlisted Tuesday 26th August 2014
Deadline for submissions to be received by Routes Monday 8th September 2014
Results announced at World Routes 2014 in Chicago Monday 22nd September 2014

For further information about the Routes Marketing Awards please contact Tom Atkinson.


What are the Routes Marketing Awards?

The Routes Marketing Awards were created in 1997 to recognise excellence in airport marketing as voted by airlines. They provide the airline community with the chance to have their say as to which airport they think provides the best overall marketing services to them.

When do the World Routes Marketing Awards take place?

The World Routes Marketing Awards will take place at the Awards Ceremony during the Networking Evening on Monday 22nd September at World Routes in Chicago.

What is the voting process?

The airline network planning community place their votes on The airlines are asked to mark their airports or destinations of choice (5 of each) in order of preference and these are then automatically scored by priority within our online system

What should I consider when voting?

Airlines should consider the airports and destinations whose marketing efforts, over the last 12 months have made a real impact on their future network development plans. This may include such things as; their market research activities; their marketing and communications activity, their business case presentations for new market opportunities; their joint communication campaigns with third parties and innovative use of technologies or techniques to support their airline by any airport.

What are the voting criteria?

It is a combination of airports that are voted for by the airline community on our website and the airports that have achieved the highest growth in seat capacity in the last 12 months.

What are the categories in the World Routes Marketing Awards?

Once voting is closed, airports are split into size category from under 4m passengers to airports larger than 50 million passengers in addition to the destination category.

Who is automatically shortlisted for the World Routes Marketing Awards?

All overall winners from the Regional Routes Marketing Awards will be automatically shortlisted for the World Routes Marketing Awards in Chicago.


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