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CPH is hiring a new director for people and capabilities abroad

In Anne van Dassen Müller, CPH has gained an experienced PCA director with a strong international profile - also called HR director.

As of 1 January 2022, Copenhagen Airports A / S (CPH) has hired 55-year-old Anne van Dassen Müller as Senior Vice President and Director of People and Capabilities (PCA).

Anne returns with her husband and daughter to Denmark after 12 years in the Netherlands, where she has been Chief PCA Officer in the logistics company Stolt-Nielsen with 6,500 employees.

"I am incredibly pleased to welcome Anne to the entire CPH, the PCA department and of course our management team. We have had to say goodbye to over 800 employees during the corona, but now we are in the process of restarting the airport, and with Anne we have got a strong card on hand that can take us further in our work to put even more focus on our employees, "says CEO of CPH, Thomas Woldbye.

It is also an experienced profile that sits in the vacant chair of CPH's management. In 2000, Anne started as HR director at Magasin, after which she continued her journey in 2004 in the large international company JohnsonDiversey, where until 2009 she was responsible for the Danish part of the business as HR director. Next, she was given the responsibility as European HR director for approx. 6000 employees based in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

She has a long career behind her with various roles in customer-oriented PCA and organizational management and has worked with PCA areas ranging from talent management, employee experience, education, global policies to visions and values. Now she has to help implement CPH's strategy.

"CPH has been through a hard time and has come through well so far. I am impressed with the ambitious plan and strategy that CPH has put in place, and I really want to help rebuild the airport and make the strategy a success. This is Denmark's most important gateway to the world and a company of great importance to our economy and business life. And then I also simply think it will be exciting to have to work in an airport. "Positive expectations, joy and atmosphere. There are many good moments in an airport, so it will be really exciting," she says.

Anne will join CPH on 1 January 2022. For the first time, she will travel back and forth before she and her family finally move to Denmark in the summer of 2022.

Facts about Anne van Dassen Müller

  • Master of International Business from the University of Southern Denmark from 1993
  • Master in Organizational Psychology from Roskilde University from 2003
  • Originally from West Jutland and has a Dutch mother and Danish father