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Malta International Airport

  • PAX: 7,310,289

MIA's New Brand Identity - 3/18/2010

In view to the new developments that have taken place at Malta International Airport further to the general refurbishment and expansion project launched last June, as well as to the internal reorganisation of its corporate governance the MIA brand identity has now also been revamped to reflect the redefined vision of the Company

Malta International Airport is perceived as a professional organisation which has advanced in time, confident of its management strategies and well in control of situations that affect the performance of its core business.  Since its privatisation in 2002, MIA plc, as a listed Company, has moved ahead constantly improving its results with a competent, practical and efficient management style.  These attributes are reflected in the dynamic, smart-looking and modern icon which characterises the new logo and its relationship with the sub-brands, namely Sky Parks Development Ltd, Malta Airport Parking, Malta Airport Shopping, Malta Airport Security, Malta Airport Met Office and the La Valette Club.

"A brand is a collection of perceptions in the mind of the consumer"  (Colin Bates, The Side Road) - Indeed airport brands contribute significantly to the impressions a country creates and MIA's new corporate image calls to mind, not only the airport's core product represented in the semblance of movement in flight of its icon, but moreover the warm and cordial colours which reflect Maltese hospitality, a pleasant climate and the comfort of being there.