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Approved: NUE's revolutionary new list of charges and extended incentive scheme effective from S21

Nuremberg Airport has revolutionised its charge structure by adopting a usage-based approach. The existing incentive scheme has been significantly extended and environmental factors will play a more decisive role.

Covid-19 is a game-changer in terms of international air travel. There is a marathon to run until passenger numbers recover to pre-pandemic levels and there will be huge changes to market structures. Nuremberg Airport has addressed the situation by introducing a revolutionary charge structure that will take effect on 28 March 2021.

“Our main goal is to help airlines rebuild connectivity for people and enterprises of our region”, says Dr. Michael Hupe, Managing Director of Nuremberg Airport. “The usage-based approach reflects the new landscape by encouraging profitability for new and existing routes on the basis on efficiency and sustainability.”

One of the key principles behind this approach is simplification. Calculation is based on departures only, the noise charge has been integrated into the take-off charge and the central infrastructure component has gone. The basic components include a variable passenger charge of €4.00 per departing passenger and a fixed charge of €17.80 per tonne based on MTOM.

Hupe says the new usage-based concept “takes into account current customer requirements and is the fairest, most competitive response”. Efficiency is another watchword: seat load factor and ground times are considered to reduce variable passenger charges and add surcharges for long turnarounds.

NUE’s successful incentive scheme, the Blue Ocean Bonus introduced in 2018, has also been expanded. The new, more attractive route incentive includes a level-playing-field rule and a sustainability bonus for 5 years of additional support. There are also new incentives for volume, basing aircraft at NUE, night stops and cargo flights.

The unprecedented importance given to environmental factors is also revolutionary. There are support measures for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and airlines can save from €150 up to €250 per departure by using low-noise, low-emission aircraft such as the Airbus A220, Embraer E2 generation, 737MAX or A320 NEO series.

Savings are a critical aspect of the new measures. A 737MAX flight to a served destination with a seat load factor of 80% and 151 hold bags is now 21% cheaper. Klaus Dotzauer, CFO of Nuremberg Airport, underlines that the new terms offer legal compliance for all parties: “The new charge structure and incentive scheme are completely in line with the jurisdiction of the European Court for a public owned airport”, he says.

The new cost structure and incentive scheme comes together with strong market evidence  for the post-pandemic times. The market and cost advantage in Nuremberg will help airlines to realise a fast and strong recovery from S21 onwards.
“We´re happy to discuss these advantages on an individual airline perspective in early 2021.” offers Christian Kaeser, Head of Route Development and Aviation Marketing.