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The year 2019 at Sibiu International Airport - a year with positive echoes

The year 2019 was a year with positive echoes for the Sibiu International Airport, full of major events, challenges and teamwork, which ended with good results. 

The positive trend of Sibiu International Airport in recent years is confirmed by the results recorded during the year 2019, in which the airport registered a 10.04% increase in commercial passenger traffic, compared to 2018. In figures, in 2019 traffic on commercial air transport routes exceeded the 725,000 threshold passengers.

Traffic at Sibiu International Airport has evolved at a rapid pace in recent years years - from just over 200,000 passengers at the end of 2013, to over 700,000 starting in 2018. The year 2019 again brought record numbers to Sibiu International Airport, the increase registered in the first six months of 2019 being 25.11%, compared to the same period of the year 2018, respectively in the first semester of 2019, a total number of 341,941 was registered passengers in traffic, compared to 273,319 passengers registered in the first semester of 2018.

In 2019, the threshold of 300,000 passengers was exceeded for the first time they passed through the airport in Sibiu in the first semester of a calendar year. Reported here the traffic figures from the history of the Siberian airport, the number of passengers registered in the period from January to June 2019 exceeded the total level of traffic achieved in 2015, respectively 307,053 passengers.

Moreover, statistics at the level of September showed that over 570,000 passengers passed through Sibiu International Airport exceeding the total traffic level registered throughout 2017.

The year 2020 brings two new holiday destinations operated in the summer season in premiere at Sibiu International Airport. In the summer season 2020 are available from to Sibiu direct flights to Monastir - Tunisia (destination announced during the month November 2019) and to Hurghada - Egypt, flight operated in the winter season 2019-2020, the flights being resumed on this destination and in the summer season. Thus, in the summer of 2020 the Siberian community, and not only, will enjoy 3 (three) holiday destinations operated in the regular system from Sibiu to: Antalya - Turkey, Monastir - Tunisia and Hurghada - Egypt. "At the global level, the end of 2019 has shown positive results passenger traffic at Sibiu International Airport. We hope that during this new year partner airline operators to develop new operations to meet the expectations and needs of air mobility of the entire community served. ", said Marius Ioan Gîrdea, General Manager of Sibiu International Airport.

Last but not least, 2019 brought historical moments to Sibiu airport reference - reception of European officials participating in the EU Summit and Official Ceremony departure of His Holiness Pope Francis, events that can be converted into a a true business card for both Sibiu and Sibiu International Airport. We thank all the passengers who choose the flight from Sibiu, to the airlines partners that support the development of the airport in Sibiu, as well as the whole team, without from which these beautiful results obtained in recent years would not have been possible.

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