AEROFLOT W12 Russia/CIS – Europe Operation Changes as of 04MAY12

As per 04MAY12 GDS timetable and inventory display, new changes to AEROFLOT’s planned Winter 2012/13 Russia/CIS and European operation as follows.

Additional changes remain possible:

Moscow Sheremetyevo – Ashgabat NEW 1 daily service, planned to begin from 28OCT12. Reservation is not available
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Bishkek Service increase from 12 to 14 weekly
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Dniepropetrovsk Service increases from 5 weekly (Day x67) to 1 daily from 01OCT12
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Donetsk 1 daily service maintained, however reservation is not available
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Helsinki SU9 replacing A319, 1 daily
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Istanbul Overall frequency reduced from 4 daily in W11 to 3 daily. 2 of 3 daily operates with Ilyushin Il96 instead of A321
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Krakow Service increases from 4 weekly (Day x136) to daily, SU9 operating (Previous plan was 1 daily service upon launch on 01JUN12)
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Nice Winter service increases from daily in W11 to 9 weekly in W12
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Nizhnekamsk Increases from 1-2 to 3 daily (Service operates 1 daily from 01JUL12 to 27OCT12)
SU1254 SVO0940 – 1125NBC 319 D
SU1252 SVO1645 – 1830NBC SU9 D
SU1250 SVO2235 – 0020+1NBC 320 D

SU1251 NBC0600 – 0750SVO 320 D
SU1255 NBC1210 – 1355SVO 319 D
SU1253 NBC1920 – 2105SVO SU9 D

Moscow Sheremetyevo – Nizhniy Novgorod Increases from 3 to 4 daily
SU1226 SVO1530 – 1645GOJ SU9 D
SU1227 GOJ1730 – 1850SVO SU9 D

Moscow Sheremetyevo – Novy Urengoy Planned service starting 01SEP12, is currently not loaded in the system on/after 28OCT12 (See separate post)
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Odessa Schedule on/after 28OCT12 is currently not loaded in the system
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Orenburg SU9 replacing A320, 1 daily
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Airbus A330-300 operates daily in W12, replacing 767 in W11
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Samarkand NEW 6 weekly service, planned to begin from 28OCT12. Reservation is not available
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Simferopol Winter operation operates 2 daily, increases from 1 in W11
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Surgut Planned service increase from 1 to 2 daily. New flight is not open for reservation
SU1512 SVO1040 – 1550SGC SU9 D
SU1513 SGC1700 – 1815SVO SU9 D

Moscow Sheremetyevo – Tallinn NEW 1 Daily service with Airbus A319. Reservation is now open
SU2104 SVO1020 – 1000TLL 319 D
SU2105 TLL1050 – 1420SVO 319 D

Moscow Sheremetyevo – Tyumen Service increases from 2 to 3 daily (1 daily in W11). Reservation is now open
SU1504 SVO1055 – 1540TJM 320 D
SU1505 TJM1650 – 1750SVO 320 D

Moscow Sheremetyevo – Vilnius Airbus A320 replacing SU9, 1 daily
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Vladivostok 2 Daily A330-300 operating in W12, replacing 767/A330 in W11

Increased frequencies in Summer 2012 will be maintained in Winter 2012 on following routes:
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Anapa 2 Daily. SU9 replacing A319/320 in S12
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Brussels 2 Daily
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Bucharest 3 weekly. Airbus A319 replacing SU9 in S12
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Nizhenvartovsk 2 Daily
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Oslo 2 Daily
Moscow Sheremetyevo – St. Petersburg 14 Daily
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Zagreb 1 Daily. SU9 replacing A320 in S12