LOT Polish Airlines Boeing 787 European Operations Dec 2012 – Jan 2013

LOT Polish Airlines today open reservations for Boeing 787 service on intra-European sector. Boeing 787 European flights is scheduled to operate from 14DEC12, first with Prague, till 14JAN13.

Planned Boeing 787 routes, flights and dates as follows as of 19SEP12. Note last minute changes to other aircraft type is possible.

Warsaw – Brussels
LO233/234 03JAN13, 06JAN13, 09JAN13 – 10JAN13
LO235/236 05JAN13

Warsaw – Budapest
LO531/532 11JAN13 – 14JAN13

Warsaw – Frankfurt
LO381/382 03JAN13 – 04JAN13, 06JAN13, 09JAN13 – 10JAN13
LO379/380 05JAN13

Warsaw – Hanover
LO403/403 23DEC12, 04JAN13

Warsaw – Kiev
LO753/754 17DEC12, 20DEC12, 27DEC12

Warsaw – Munich
LO353/354 14DEC12 – 15DEC12, 18DEC12 – 19DEC12, 28DEC12
LO375/376 16DEC12

Warsaw – Prague
LO523/524 14DEC12 – 15DEC12, 18DEC12 – 20DEC12, 28DEC12, 02JAN13, 11JAN13 – 12JAN13, 14JAN13
LO527/528 16DEC12

Warsaw – Vienna
LO223/224 17DEC12, 24DEC12, 27DEC12, 13JAN13
LO225/226 21DEC12 – 23DEC12, 29DEC12 – 30DEC12