UNITED Revises Boeing 787 Nov/Dec 2012 Domestic Operation

UNITED is revising planned Boeing 787 domestic service for the month of November 2012, during planned schedule update on the weekend of 27OCT12. The revision is due to the delay of the delivery of UA’s second Dreamliner, which impacts planned 787 operation for the first three weeks of November 2012.

Revised schedule listed below, has been reflected in the GDS as of 0200GMT 27OCT12:

04NOV12 Inaugural
UNITED has revised planned operation on the First day of planned Boeing 787 commercial service
UA1116 IAH0720 – 0951ORD 788
UA1510 ORD1121 – 1406IAH 788
UA1209 IAH1606 – 1747LAX 788
UA1694 LAX1947 – 0048+1IAH 788

Planned Boeing 787 operation on Houston – Newark and Houston – San Francisco on 04NOV12, is cancelled.
UA1116 is completely sold out at time this post goes to press, while remaining 787 service on 04NOV12 is sold out in First Class.

Houston – Chicago
04NOV12 – 03JAN13 6 weekly (Day x6)
04JAN13 – 29MAR13 Daily

Following dates to be operated by 767-200ER instead of 787
06NOV12, 11NOV12, 13NOV12, 14NOV12*, 20NOV12 (* 767-400ER operating)
^ Boeing 787 does not operate on 15NOV12

Houston – Cleveland
Planned one-time Boeing 787 service on 10NOV12 CANCELLED, replaced by 767-200ER

Houston – Denver (Unchanged)
05DEC12 – 02JAN13 1 Daily
eff 31MAR13 1 Daily

Houston – Los Angeles
04NOV12 – 03DEC12 6 weekly (Day x6)
04DEC13 – 31MAR13 Daily, operational schedule change in effect from 03JAN13

Following dates to be operated by 767-200ER instead of 787
09NOV12, 11NOV12, 14NOV12* (* 767-400ER operating)

Houston – Newark
25NOV12 – 03JAN13 Daily
Following dates to be operated by 767-400ER instead of 787
04NOV12 – 24NOV12*
* 787 operation on 10NOV12, 11NOV12 is unchanged. UA previously did not assign 787 service on 18NOV12
^ On 10NOV12 and 14NOV12, UA operates 787 and 757 respectively

Houston – San Francisco
24NOV12 – 02DEC12 5 weekly (Day x12)
Following dates to be operated by 767-400ER instead of 787
04NOV12 – 08NOV12, 10NOV12, 14NOV12 – 23NOV12 (10NOV12 and 15NOV12 operates with 767-200ER, no replacement aircraft on 14NOV12)
787 Operation on 09NOV12 and 11NOV12 is unchanged

03DEC12 – 03JAN13 Daily

Houston – Washington Dulles
Planned one-time Boeing 787 service on 17NOV12 CANCELLED, replaced by 767-200ER

Entries marked with ^ represents past adjustments that were not picked up and highlighted on Airline Route, and has been added at 0240GMT.

Planned Boeing 787 operation remains subject to change, as last-minute aircraft changes, on other dates not mentioned above remains highly possible.

The following is a brief unofficial statement from UNITED regarding Boeing 787 schedule changes, appeared on FlyerTalk:
We will begin the process of notifying customers on the initial affected flights over the weekend, and will offer them the opportunity to re-book or receive a refund (without penalty). These customers were given a special Reservations desk phone number to contact, which has been assigned to help them with this situation.