Turkish Airlines Expands Iraq Operation from mid-Dec 2012

Turkish Airlines from mid-December 2012 is expanding operations to Iraq, with overall frequency increases to Basra, Najaf and Sulaymaniyah. Details:

Istanbul – Basra eff 20DEC12 Service increases from 4 weekly to daily
TK798 IST0310 – 0715BSR EQV D
TK799 BSR0835 – 1120IST EQV D

Istanbul – Najaf eff 19DEC12 Service increases from 3 to 5 weekly
TK796 IST0310 – 0700NJF EQV x14
TK797 NJF0825 – 1040IST EQV x14

IStanbul – Sulaymaniyah eff 17DEC12 Service increases from 4 to 5 weekly
TK806 IST0015 – 0345ISU EQV x37
TK807 ISU0450 – 0640IST EQV x37