Jetairfly Planned Embraer E190 Operation as of 28FEB13

As per Sabre timetable listing as of 28FEB13, and OAG Schedules iNet, Jetairfly plans to introduce its Embraer E190 aircraft to scheduled operation from March 2013. Planned E190 operational routes and respective launch date as follow.

Brussels – Ajaccio eff 20APR13
Brussels – Alicante eff 05MAR13
Brussels – Almeria eff 02MAY13
Brussels – Athens eff 01APR13
Brussels – Bastia eff 27APR13
Brussels – Catania eff 15MAY13
Brussels – Corfu eff 29APR13
Brussels – Djerba eff 19MAR13
Brussels – Dubrovnik eff 04MAY13
Brussels – Enfidha eff 24MAR13
Brussels – Faro eff 31MAR13
Brussels – Girona eff 02MAY13
Brussels – Ibiza eff 04JUL13 (Planned one-time service on 07MAY13 also scheduled)
Brussels – Jerez de la Frontera eff 21APR13
Brussels – Lourdes eff 15APR13
Brussels – Mahon eff 30JUN13
Brussels – Malaga eff 06MAR13
Brussels – Naples eff 04MAY13
Brussels – Ohrid eff 14MAY13
Brussels – Olbia eff 18MAY13
Brussels – Ostend – Palma Mallorca 07APR13 only
Brussels – Palermo eff 15MAY13
Brussels – Palma Mallorca eff 31MAR13
Brussels – Pristina eff 11MAR13
Brussels – Reus eff 02MAY13
Brussels – Skopje eff 14MAY13
Brussels – Tirana eff 22MAR13
Brussels – Zakinthos eff 14MAY13

Note planned routes and launch dates listed above remain subject to change. Last-minute aircraft change remains possible.