UNITED Moves Forward Boeing 787 Service Resumption to 20MAY13

During routine schedule update for the weekend of 04MAY13, United Airlines is moving forward planned Boeing 787 service resumption. Latest Boeing 787 service resumption is now scheduled on 20MAY13, Houston – Chicago service (UA001/002). The Dreamliner aircraft will gradually resume operation from Houston to Chicago, Denver and Los Angeles, until 31JUL13 (before shifting to International routes).

Planned domestic operation as follow.

Houston – Chicago First Boeing 787 flight resumes on 20MAY13
IAH0700 – 0931ORD 788 eff 21MAY13**
IAH1100 – 1335ORD 788 eff 20MAY13*
IAH1608 – 1839ORD 788 eff 21MAY13**
IAH1720 – 1956ORD 788 eff 22MAY13^

ORD1131 – 1408IAH 788 eff 21MAY13**
ORD1540 – 1825IAH 788 eff 20MAY13*
ORD2039 – 2316IAH 788 eff 21MAY13**
ORD2200 – 0034+1IAH 788 eff 22MAY13^

* On 20MAY13, First Boeing 787 resumption flight operating as UA001/002. Boeing 787 not operating on 21MAY13 and 22MAY13, as well as Sundays
** Boeing 787 not operating on Saturdays
^ Until 09JUN13

Houston – Denver First Boeing 787 flight resumes on 21MAY13
IAH0600 – 0730DEN 788 eff 25MAY13*
IAH0739 – 0913DEN 788 eff 22MAY13*
IAH0915 – 1049DEN 788 eff 21MAY13
IAH1638 – 1810DEN 788 eff 24MAY13*

DEN0931 – 1252IAH 788 eff 25MAY13*
DEN1113 – 1436IAH 788 eff 22MAY13*
DEN1425 – 1747IAH 788 eff 21MAY13
DEN2010 – 2332IAH 788 eff 24MAY13*

* Until 09JUN13

Houston – Los Angeles First Boeing 787 flight resumes on 24MAY13
IAH0605 – 0745LAX 788 eff 24MAY13
IAH1500 – 1630LAX 788 eff 25MAY13^
IAH2035 – 2221LAX 788 eff 24MAY13*

LAX0021 – 0528IAH 788 eff 25MAY13*
LAX1010 – 1520IAH 788 eff 24MAY13
LAX1920 – 0030+1IAH 788 eff 25MAY13^

* Boeing 787 not operating on Sundays from IAH, Mondays from LAX
^ Until 09JUN13

Reservations for all planned Boeing 787 service are now available for reservation in all class of service, as of 1900GMT. Initially only full-fare Business/Economy Class were available for reservation early this morning.
Selected dates see operational schedule variation within 1-3 minutes.

During this weekend’s schedule update, UNITED reaffirms planned Boeing 787 international operation:
Houston – London Heathrow UA124/125, 10JUN13 – 31JUL13 (LHR 11JUN13 – 01AUG13; Temporary replacing UA985/984 767 service)
Denver – Tokyo Narita effective 10JUN13 (11JUN13 from NRT)
Houston – Lagos effective 01AUG13 (02AUG13 from LOS)
Los Angeles – Tokyo Narita effective 01AUG13 (02AUG13 from NRT)
Los Angeles – Shanghai Pu Dong effective 02AUG13 (03AUG13 from PVG)

Planned Boeing 787 operational routes, effective dates, and flights remain subject to change. Last minute aircraft change remains highly possible.