Alaska Airlines to Move Selected Intra-Alaska Service to Horizon Air from March 2014

Second Update at 002GMT 05JUN13

Alaska Airlines starting 03MAR14 is changing operations within Alaska, which sees Horizon Air begins operation on selected Anchorage – Kodiak and Anchorage – Fairbanks route with Dash8-Q400 aircraft. Planned Horizon operational schedule as follow.

Anchorage – Kodiak 1 of 2 Daily service operated by Horizon Air until 30APR14
AS2821 ANC0600 – 0701ADQ DH4 D
AS049 ANC1505 – 1605ADQ 73Q x6

AS2822 ADQ0740 – 0845ANC DH4 D
AS040 ADQ1650 – 1744ANC 73Q x6

Anchorage – Fairbanks Service increases from 7 to 9 daily, 8 of 9 daily service operated by Horizon Air
AS055 ANC0600 – 0653FAI 734 D
AS2801 ANC0750 – 0848FAI DH4 D
AS2803 ANC0925 – 1023FAI DH4 D
AS2805 ANC1140 – 1238FAI DH4 D
AS2807 ANC1355 – 1453FAI DH4 D
AS2809 ANC1555 – 1653FAI DH4 D
AS2811 ANC1800 – 1858FAI DH4 D
AS2813 ANC1940 – 2038FAI DH4 x6
AS2815 ANC2310 – 0008+1FAI DH4 D

AS2800 FAI0610 – 0711ANC DH4 D
AS2802 FAI0930 – 1031ANC DH4 D
AS2804 FAI1115 – 1216ANC DH4 D
AS056 FAI1310 – 1410ANC 734 D
AS2806 FAI1400 – 1501ANC DH4 D
AS2808 FAI1600 – 1701ANC DH4 D
AS2810 FAI1745 – 1846ANC DH4 D
AS2812 FAI1950 – 2051ANC DH4 D
AS2814 FAI2130 – 2231ANC DH4 x6

Reservations for Horizon Air service opened at 2330GMT 04JUN13.

Original update filed at 2130GMT 04JUN13.

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