Ethiopian Airlines Planned Boeing 787 Operation as of 19JUN13

As per 19JUN13 GDS timetable/inventory display, latest update to Ethiopian Airlines’ planned Boeing 787 operation from June to October 2013 as follow. Planned Boeing 787 operation remains subject to change due to daily schedule modification.

Current and Future Boeing 787 Routes:
Addis Ababa – Dubai eff 28APR13 up to 2 daily
Addis Ababa – Abuja 26JUN13, 28JUN13
*Addis Ababa – Beijing 21JUN13 – 25JUN13, 27JUN13, 29JUN13, 01JUL13 (New Date added on 22JUN13)
Addis Ababa – Frankfurt eff 16JUL13 1 daily
Addis Ababa – Guangzhou 30JUL13, 01AUG13 (CAN departs on the next day)
Addis Ababa – Harare – Lusaka – Addis Ababa eff 12MAY13 ET873 3 weekly (Except 17JUN13, 19JUN13, 21JUN13, 24JUN13, 26JUN13)
Addis Ababa – Johannesburg 15JUN13 – 30JUN13 1 daily (EXCEPT 17JUN13)
*Addis Ababa – Lagos Additional 787 one-off service scheduled on 21JUN13, 22JUN13, 24JUN13, 26JUN13
Addis Ababa – Lome – Rio de Janeiro – Sao Paulo – Lome – Addis Ababa eff 01JUL13 3 weekly (Except 29JUL13 from ADD/LFW, 30JUL13 from GRU)
Addis Ababa – London Heathrow eff 16JUN13 6 weekly (Including 1 weekly via Rome on outbound; 787 will now continue operation from 01JUL13 to 30JUL13)
*Addis Ababa – Lusaka – Harare – Addis Ababa eff 11MAY13 ET863 4 weekly (Except 22JUN13, 27JUN13, 29JUN13)
*Addis Ababa – Rome – Toronto eff 10MAY13 2 weekly until 16JUN13, 3 weekly from 19JUN13 (Except 17JUN13, 19JUN13, 21JUN13, 23AUG13, 26AUG13, 30AUG13 from ADD)

* New Update as of 18JUN13

Previously operated Ethiopian Boeing 787 routes/flights:
Addis Ababa – Nairobi One-off service on 27APR13, First Boeing 787 resumed service
Addis Ababa – Abuja 29MAY13, 12JUN13
Addis Ababa – Beijing 05JUN13, 07JUN13, 10JUN13 – 11JUN13, 13JUN13, 15JUN13, 17JUN13 – 19JUN13
Addis Ababa – Frankfurt 28APR13 – 08MAY13 1 daily
Addis Ababa – Guangzhou 03JUN13
Addis Ababa – Hong Kong – Seoul Incheon 787 operating one-off service on 18JUN13 (ICN departure 19JUN13)
Addis Ababa – Jeddah 787 operated on 06JUN13, 09JUN13, 10JUN13, 12JUN13 – 14JUN13, 16JUN13, 17JUN13
Addis Ababa – Johannesburg 03JUN13 – 13JUN13 1 daily (Except 08JUN13)
Addis Ababa – Lagos 28MAY13 – 02JUN13 1 daily (as well as 07JUN13, 08JUN13, 10JUN13, 12JUN13, 14JUN13)
Addis Ababa – Mumbai 16MAY13 – 06JUN13 1 daily
Addis Ababa – Nairobi – Bujumbura 10MAY13 – 18JUN13 1 daily (Except 22MAY13 – 23MAY13, 27MAY13 – 31MAY13, 03JUN13 – 04JUN13, 06JUN13 – 11JUN13, 13JUN13 – 15JUN13)
Addis Ababa – Riyadh 787 operated on 12JUN13, 13JUN13
Addis Ababa – Washington Dulles 07MAY13 – 08JUN13 Selected dates