Thai AirAsia Expands International Service from July 2013

Thai AirAsia in Summer 2013 season is expanding International operations, which sees additional daily service being introduced on 5 routes. Planned service increase as follow.

Bangkok Don Mueang – Kuala Lumpur eff 01AUG13 Service increases from 3 to 4 daily (Malaysia AirAsia continues to operate 6 daily)
FD2917 DMK1250 – 1600KUL 320 D
FD2918 KUL1625 – 1735DMK 320 D

Bangkok Don Mueang – Phnom Penh eff 01AUG13 Service increases from 1 to 2 daily
FD2772 DMK0705 – 0825PNH 320 D
FD2773 PNH0910 – 1030DMK 320 D

Bangkok Don Mueang – Yangon eff 01AUG13 Service increases from 2 to 3 daily
FD2755 DMK1110 – 1145RGN 320 D
FD2756 RGN1215 – 1405DMK 320 D

Bangkok Don Mueang – Ho Chi Minh eff 01OCT13 Service increases from 18 to 21 weekly
FD2798 DMK1920 – 2050SGN 320 D
FD2799 SGN2120 – 2245DMK 320 D

FD2798/2799 currently operates Day x234

On separate note, the airline from 15JUL13 is adjusting operational schedule on Bangkok Don Mueang – Kolkata route, which shifts from daytime to nighttime.
eff 15JUL13
FD2671 DMK0005 – 0115CCU 320 D
FD2672 CCU0145 – 0555DMK 320 D

until 14JUL13
FD2671 DMK1100 – 1210CCU 320 D
FD2672 CCU1245 – 1655DMK 320 D

The airline from 01JUL13 will also add 2nd daily Bangkok Don Mueang – Chongqing service, previously reported on 19APR13.