Update as of 20AUG13: British Airways A380/Boeing 787 August 2013 European Operations

British Airways continues to update its planned short-haul Airbus A380 and Boeing 787 training flights on existing commercial service. As of 20AUG13, BA extends Airbus A380 and Boeing 787 short-haul operation until 31AUG13 inclusive.

This post will be updated on daily basis or when GDS is being updated. Note last-minute aircraft changes to other aircraft type or vice versa is possible.

Airbus A380
London Heathrow – Frankfurt
02AUG13, 04AUG13 – 09AUG13, 11AUG13 – 13AUG13, 15AUG13 – 16AUG13, 18AUG13 – 23AUG13, 25AUG13 – 30AUG13

02AUG13, 05AUG13, 08AUG13 – 09AUG13, 11AUG13, 13AUG13, 15AUG13 – 16AUG13, 18AUG13 – 20AUG13, 22AUG13 – 23AUG13, 25AUG13 – 27AUG13, 29AUG13 – 30AUG13

Boeing 787
London Heathrow – Stockholm
09AUG13 – 27AUG13, 29AUG13 – 31AUG13

British Airways has updated its Airbus A380 operation on Frankfurt route in September and October 2013, please refer to this report for info.