THAI W13 International Operation Changes as of 23AUG13

As per 23AUG13 GDS timetable/inventory display, latest changes to THAI’s Winter 2013/14 International operation from 27OCT13, as follow. Further changes remain possible.

Bangkok – Colombo THAI Smile service increases from 5 to 6 weekly (daily from 02DEC13 to 02FEB14, BKK departure)
Bangkok – Delhi
eff 30SEP13 TG323/324 Increases from 4 weekly to daily, A330-300 operating
eff 27OCT13 TG315/316 operated by Boeing 747-400, replacing 777-300 (DEL departure from 28OCT13)
TG323 BKK0735 – 1030DEL 333 D
TG315 BKK2040 – 2340DEL 744 D

TG316 DEL0055 – 0620BKK 744 D
TG324 DEL1155 – 1725BKK 333 D

Bangkok – Guangzhou TG668/669 operated by Boeing 777-300, replacing previously planned Airbus A330-300 (Overall 1 daily each 777 and 330)
Bangkok – Ho Chi Minh TG556/557 operated by Boeing 777-200ER, replacing A330-300 (Overall 2 daily Boeing 777)
Bangkok – Hyderabad Planned service increase from 4 to 5 weekly has been cancelled, A330-300 operating
Bangkok – Johannesburg Service reduced from 4 to 3 weekly, Boeing 777-200ER operating
Bangkok – Madrid eff 12JAN14 Service reduces from 4 weekly (Day x357) to 3 weekly (Day 246), 777-200ER operating
Bangkok – Mumbai Airbus A330-300 replaces Boeing 747-400, daily service
Bangkok – Singapore eff 30JAN14 Service increases from 32 to 35 weekly, TG407/408 operates daily instead of 4 weekly
Phuket – Kuala Lumpur Planned THAI Smile service increases from 4 weekly to daily has been cancelled as this route is no longer in service

THAI Smile from 27OCT13 is changing its operational flight numbers from TG700-799 to TG2000-2999 (reported on 21AUG13). Flights to/from India also see flight number changes during schedule update on 22AUG13
Bangkok – Ahmedabad TG765/766 > TG2935/2936
Bangkok – Chongqing TG790/791 > TG2600/2601
Bangkok – Colombo TG767/768 > TG2901/2902
Bangkok – Macau TG750/751, TG752/753 > TG2670/2671, TG2676/2677
Bangkok – Mandalay TG781/782 > TG2981/2982 & TG2983/2984
Phuket – Delhi TG761/762 > TG2931/2932
Phuket – Mumbai TG763/764 > TG2933/2934

Previously reported changes:
Bangkok – Ahmedabad THAI Smile service increases from 2 to 4 weekly
Bangkok – Frankfurt TG922/923 operates Day x3 instead of Day x13, overall service increases from 12 to 13 weekly
Bangkok – Beijing TG614/615 Boeing 747-400 replaces A330-300, daily
Bangkok – Brisbane eff 16FEB14 Boeing 777-300ER replaces -300, daily service
Bangkok – Brussels 4th weekly service resumes, operational aircraft changes from 777-300ER to -200ER (Day 6 service is only available for reservation in Business as well as Full-fare Economy)
Bangkok – Changsha NEW THAI Smile 3 weekly A320 service
Bangkok – Chengdu Service increases from 5 weekly to daily, A330-300 operating
Bangkok – Chongqing NEW THAI Smile 3 weekly A320 service
Bangkok – Karachi Service operates 5 weekly for entire Winter 2013/14 season
Bangkok – London Heathrow
eff 27OCT13 TG916/917 Airbus A340-600 continues operation, replacing previously planned (as of 05JUL13) Boeing 747-400
eff 01DEC13 TG910/911 Boeing 747-400 continues operation. Planned Airbus A380 service cancelled

Bangkok – Luang Prabang eff 16NOV13 NEW THAI Smile 1 daily A320 service
Bangkok – Mandalay THAI Smile service increases from 5 weekly (Day x14) to daily, A320 operating. 3 of 7 weekly service operates in the afternoon/evening hours
Bangkok – Milan Malpensa Boeing 747-400 replaces A340-600. Service reduce from 4 weekly (Day x246) to 3 weekly (Day 246) on following: 27OCT13 – 07DEC13, 21JAN14 – 29MAR14
Bangkok – Moscow Domodeodovo eff 21DEC13 Service increases from 4 to 6 weekly, 777-300 operating
Bangkok – Nagoya Service increases from 12 to 14 weekly, TG646/647 operates with A330-300 on daily basis, instead of 5 weekly Boeing 777-200ER
Bangkok – Osaka Kansai eff 01DEC13 TG622/623 Airbus A380 replaces Boeing 747-400 on daily basis
Bangkok – Oslo Boeing 777-300ER operating daily from 27OCT13, replacing previously planned 747-400 (777-200ER in W12)
Bangkok – Rome Service reduce from planned 5 weekly to 4 weekly from 27OCT13, 747-400 operating
Bangkok – Sapporo Boeing 777-300 replaces A330-300. Service increase from 4 weekly to daily remains unchanged
Bangkok – Sendai eff 03DEC13 NEW 3 weekly Airbus A330-300 service
TG680 BKK2330 – 0755+1SDJ 330 246
TG681 SDJ1030 – 1515BKK 330 357

Bangkok – Tokyo Haneda Boeing 747-400 continues operation on daily basis, replacing previously planned A340-600
Bangkok – Tokyo Narita Capacity expansion sees 2 of 3 daily service operated by A380 from late-October 2013
TG640/641 eff 27OCT13 Airbus A380 replaces Boeing 747-400
TG642/643 eff 27OCT13 Airbus A340-600 replaces Boeing 777-300ER

Bangkok – Vientiane 2 daily THAI Mainline service replaced by THAI Smile, A320 operating
Bangkok – Xiamen Service increases from 4 to 5 weekly
Phuket – Delhi THAI Smile service increases from 2 to 4 weekly
Phuket – Mumbai THAI Smile service increases from 2 to 3 weekly