British Airways S14 London Heathrow Long-Haul Operation Changes as of 03SEP13

As per 03SEP13 GDS timetable/inventory display, initial changes to British Airways’ Summer 2014 London Heathrow Long-Haul operation changes from 30MAR14 as follow. Further changes remain possible.

London Heathrow – Accra Boeing 747-400 replaces 777-200ER on BA081/078
BA081 LHR1450 – 2020ACC 744 D
BA079 LHR2245 – 0500+1ACC 767 136

BA080 ACC0655 – 1455LHR 767 247
BA078 ACC2245 – 0620+1LHR 744 D

Note frequency increase from 7 to 10 weekly begins from 27OCT13, this was previously not reported on Airline Route*

London Heathrow – Jeddah Service operates 4-class Boeing 777-200ER, replacing 767-300ER. In Summer 2014 season, service operates daily once again
BA133 LHR2230 – 0650+1JED 777 D
BA132 JED0910 – 1355LHR 777 D

London Heathrow – Lusaka 3 weekly service cancelled*

London Heathrow – Moscow Domodedovo Airbus A321 replaces Boeing 767 on BA235/234
BA233 LHR0850 – 1530DME 744 D
BA235 LHR1105 – 1805DME 321 D
BA237 LHR2130 – 0420+1DME 767 D

BA236 DME0550 – 0655LHR 767 D
BA232 DME1715 – 1805LHR 744 D
BA234 DME1925 – 2025LHR 321 D

BA236 from DME on Day 3 currently displays as A321 operation, due to system discrepancy

London Heathrow – Seattle Service increases from 10 to 11 weekly. Planned aircraft change on BA053/052 from 777-200ER to 747-400 remains unchanged, while frequency being increased
BA053 LHR1020 – 1155SEA 744 x123
BA049 LHR1500 – 1635SEA 744 D

BA052 SEA1520 – 0830+1LHR 744 x123
BA048 SEA1855 – 1200+1LHR 744 D

London Heathrow – Tel Aviv Service appears to be reduced from 3 to 2 daily (BA167/166 currently cancelled). BA165/164 operated by 4-class 777-200ER instead of A321
BA165 LHR0845 – 1530TLV 777 D
BA163 LHR2230 – 0530+1TLV 321 D

BA162 TLV0735 – 1100LHR 321 D
BA164 TLV1710 – 2020LHR 777 D

BA167/166 service appears to be cancelled

* New adjustment in effect starting from 27OCT13, information appears on Wednesday (04SEP13)’s Airline Route.

Following routes appears to display as service increase, however it is unknown whether these will be actual increase, or planned adjustment to operational days
London Heathrow – Entebbe Increase from 3 to 4 weekly
London Heathrow – Seoul Incheon Increase from 6 to 7 weekly

Previously reported changes:
London Heathrow – Austin eff 03MAR14 NEW Boeing 787 operation with 5 weekly flights, daily from 05MAY14
London Heathrow – Johannesburg Airbus A380 service operates 6 of 14 weekly service. Overall service reduced from 17 weekly in NS13 to 14 weekly in NS14
London Heathrow – Los Angeles eff 10APR14 Airbus A380 operation increases from 7 to 14 weekly (Service operates 2 daily in S14 compared to 3 daily in S13)