SAS to Start Stockholm – Visby Service from late-March 2014

SAS from 30MAR14 is introducing Stockholm – Visby service, with up to 5 daily flights on weekdays, operated by Jet Time ATR72 aircraft.

SK077 ARN0810 – 0900VBY AT7 x67
SK079 ARN1035 – 1125VBY AT7 7
SK079 ARN1200 – 1250VBY AT7 x7
SK081 ARN1520 – 1610VBY AT7 x6
SK083 ARN1750 – 1840VBY AT7 x67
SK083 ARN1755 – 1845VBY AT7 7
SK085 ARN2110 – 2200VBY AT7 x6

SK086 VBY0650 – 0740ARN AT7 x67
SK086 VBY0830 – 0920ARN AT7 6
SK078 VBY0925 – 1015ARN AT7 x67
SK080 VBY1150 – 1240ARN AT7 7
SK080 VBY1315 – 1405ARN AT7 x7
SK082 VBY1635 – 1725ARN AT7 x6
SK084 VBY1905 – 1955ARN AT7 x67
SK084 VBY1910 – 2000ARN AT7 7