Update as of 30JAN14: brussels airlines Outlines 2014 Tomorrowland Operation

Update 0430GMT 30JAN14

brussels airlines has outlined planned operation during 2014 Tomorrowland (Electric-Dance Music Festival at Boom, Belgium) in the GDS, as of 30JAN14. This year’s Tomorrowland sees the Star Alliance member planning to operate Airbus A330-300 aircraft on limited time basis, to Frankfurt, Munich, Oslo and Tel Aviv. The 2014 Tomorrowland weekend falls on 18JUL14 – 20JUL14 and 25JUL14 – 27JUL14.

Planned A330 operation, as well as extra flights as follow.

Brussels – Frankfurt
SN1807 BRU0735 – 0850FRA 333 17JUL14/24JUL14
SN1807 BRU0940 – 1055FRA 319 21JUL14
SN1809 BRU1510 – 1625FRA AR1 21JUL14

SN1808 FRA1020 – 1135BRU 333 17JUL14/24JUL14
SN1808 FRA1155 – 1310BRU 319 21JUL14
SN1810 FRA1725 – 1840BRU AR1 21JUL14

Brussels – Munich
SN1841 BRU0830 – 0950MUC 333 21JUL14/28JUL14
SN1841 BRU1320 – 1440MUC 333 17JUL14/24JUL14

SN1842 MUC1620 – 1740BRU 333 17JUL14/24JUL14

On 28JUL14, SN7053/LH2285 is closed for reservation

Brussels – Oslo
SN2283 BRU0825 – 1025OSL 333 17JUL14/24JUL14
SN2283 BRU1500 – 1700OSL 333 21JUL14

SN2284 OSL1200 – 1400BRU 333 17JUL14/24JUL14
SN2284 OSL1810 – 2030BRU 333 21JUL14

Extra flights:
Brussels – Berlin Tegel
SN1879 BRU1050 – 1215TXL 319 17JUL14/24JUL14
SN1880 TXL1255 – 1420BRU 319 17JUL14/24JUL14

Brussels – Tel Aviv
SN1591 BRU1720 – 2245TLV 333 16JUL14/21JUL14/23JUL14/28JUL14
SN1592 TLV0045 – 0425BRU 319 17JUL14/22JUL14/24JUL14/29JUL14

Majority of these flights listed above are only available via “Global Journey” (air + ground + hotel package), on the Tomorrowland’s website starting 01FEB14, or appointed sales agents worldwide. In addition, 60 scheduled one-way flights on 33 European routes to Brussels on 17JUL14 and 24JUL14, from Brussels on 21JUL14 and 28JUL14, are closed for reservation and Zero’d out in the GDS. Like special extra flights, reservation is only available on Tomorrowland’s website as a package or appointed sales agents.

Routes and flights that are closed for reservation to the general public as follow.

17JUL14 / 24JUL14
from Barcelona: SN3696, SN3704
from Basel: SN2702, SN2706
from Berlin Tegel: SN2592, SN2582, SN2588, SN2590
from Bilbao: SN3714
from Bologna: SN3122, SN3126 (no op for this flight on 24JUL14)
from Budapest: SN2824
from Copenhagen: SN2268, SN2258, SN2260
from Edinburgh: SN2066, SN2064
from Geneva: SN2726, SN2712, SN2714 (24JUL14 only) SN2720, SN2722 (17JUL14 only)
from Gothenburg: SN2324, SN2314, SN2318
from Hamburg: SN2630
from Hanover: SN2634
from Lisbon: SN3816
from London Heathrow: SN2104, SN2094
from Lyon: SN3588
from Madrid: SN3732, SN3722
from Malaga: SN3734 (24JUL14 only), SN3736
from Manchester: SN2184, SN2174, SN2178
from Marseille: SN3604, SN3598
from Milan Linate: SN3148
from Milan Malpensa: SN3154, SN3160
from Nice: SN3616
from Oslo: SN2288
from Paris CDG: SN3632, SN3634
from Porto: SN3812
from Prague: SN2810
from Rome: SN3176
from Stockholm Bromma: SN2310, SN2304, SN2306
from Tel Aviv: SN3292
from Toulouse: SN3676
from Turin: SN3196
from Venice: SN3208, SN3202
from Vienna: SN2902, SN2906

21JUL14 / 28JUL14
to Barcelona: SN3703, SN3705
to Basel: SN2701, SN2705
to Berlin Tegel: SN2581, SN2587, SN2589, SN2591
to Bilbao: SN3713
to Bologna: SN3121
to Budapest: SN2823
to Copenhagen: SN2257, SN2259, SN2265
to Edinburgh: SN2063, SN2065
to Geneva: SN2711, SN2713, SN2721, SN2725
to Gothenburg: SN2313, SN2317, SN2319
to Hamburg: SN2629
to Hanover: SN2637
to Lisbon: SN3815
to London Heathrow: SN2093, SN2095
to Lyon: SN3591
to Madrid: SN3727, SN3731
to Malaga: SN3735
to Manchester: SN2173, SN2177, SN2183
to Marseille: SN3597, SN3603
to Milan Linate: SN3149
to Milan Malpensa: SN3153, SN3159
to Munich: SN7053 (operated by LH2285; 28JUL14 only)
to Nice: SN3621
to Oslo: SN2283, SN2287
to Paris CDG: SN3631, SN3633
to Porto: SN3811
to Prague: SN2811
to Rome: SN3187
to Stockholm Bromma: SN2303, SN2307, SN2309
to Tel Aviv: SN3291
to Toulouse: SN3669
to Turin: SN3195
to Venice: SN3201, SN3205, SN3207
to Vienna: SN2905, SN2907

from Oslo: SN2284