Singapore Airlines Reduces A380 London Operation; Amsterdam Service Changes from late-May 2014

As a result of planned Airbus A380 service increase to Shanghai, and introduction to Delhi and Mumbai starting 30MAY14, Singapore Airlines is adjusting European operations due to aircraft redeployment.

Singapore – Amsterdam eff 29MAY14 4 of 7 weekly Boeing 777-300ER service operates until 28MAY14. Service returns to daily 777-200ER
SQ324 SIN2355 – 0710+1AMS 772 D
SQ323 AMS1115 – 0550+1SIN 772 D

Singapore – London Heathrow eff 30MAY14 A380 service reduced from 18 to 14 weekly
SQ306 SIN0110 – 0735LHR 77W D
SQ308 SIN0905 – 1530LHR 388 D
SQ318 SIN1245 – 1905LHR 77W D
SQ322 SIN2330 – 0555+1LHR 388 D

SQ317 LHR1130 – 0720+1SIN 388 D
SQ305 LHR1335 – 0925+1SIN 77W D
SQ319 LHR2040 – 1630+1SIN 77W D
SQ321 LHR2205 – 1755+1SIN 388 D

Planned overall operation reduction to London from 28 to 25 weekly, remains unchanged from 06MAY14 to 11JUN14 (A380 operates 16 weekly until 29MAY14). Above schedule effective 12JUN14