UNITED Reduces Guam – Japan Service from Dec 2014

During the weekend of 26JUL14′s schedule update, UNITED is adjusting operations between Guam and Japan from December 2014, which sees termination of 3 routes. Planned changes as follow.

Guam – Hiroshima Service cancelled from 19DEC14. Schedule for Dec 2014:
UA159 GUM0650 – 1010HIJ 73G 47
UA160 HIJ1105 – 1550GUM 73G 47

Guam – Niigata Service cancelled from 14DEC14. Schedule for Dec 2014:
UA147 GUM0745 – 1100KIJ 73G 26
UA146 KIJ1155 – 1655GUM 73G 26

Guam – Okayama Service cancelled from 20DEC14 to 28DEC14, 24JAN15 to 08FEB15 and 21FEB15 onwards. Schedule from 09FEB15 to 20FEB15:
UA169 GUM0650 – 1005OKJ 73G 15
UA170 OKJ1100 – 1550GUM 73G 15

Other changes:
Guam – Sapporo Service operates 2 weekly from 19JAN15 to 06MAR15. UA operated 4 weekly flights during same period in 2014
UA187 GUM0730 – 1125CTS 738 15
UA188 CTS1225 – 1805GUM 738 15

Guam – Tokyo Narita Planned 4th daily UA167/168 service, operating between 01FEB15 and 28MAR15, is cancelled