Hunnu Air W14 International Operations

Mongolian carrier Hunnu Air in Winter 2014/15 season is downsizing International operation to service to China only, which sees the airline operating following service:

Choibalsan – Hailar
MR851 COQ1350 – 1500HLD F50 36
MR852 HLD1600 – 1715COQ F50 36

Choibalsan – Manzhouli
MR841 COQ1350 – 1500NZH F50 15
MR842 NZH1600 – 1715COQ F50 15

Ulan Baatar – Erlianhot
MR8861 ULN0700 – 0845ERL F50 247
MR8862 ERL0915 – 1100ULN F50 247

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