THAI S15 Operation Changes as of 29JAN15

4th Update at 1100GMT 29JAN15

THAI on Thursday (29JAN15) further revised planned Summer 2015 operation, effective 29MAR15. Latest round of schedule update, as of 1100hrs GMT as follow:

Bangkok – Bangalore Boeing 777-200ER replaces Airbus A330-300, 1 daily service
Bangkok – Chennai Boeing 777-200ER replaces Airbus A330-300, 1 daily service
Bangkok – Fukuoka Boeing 787-8 continues operation, based on update around 1100hrs GMT
Bangkok – Hong Kong – Seoul Incheon Airbus A330-300 replaces Boeing 777-200ER
Bangkok – Hyderabad Service increases from previously planned 5 weekly A320 to 1 daily Boeing 777-200ER (Current Winter schedule is 1 daily A330)
Bangkok – Kuala Lumpur
TG417/418 Boeing 787 continues daily operation
TG415/416 operates with A330 from 29MAR15 to 30JUN15, Boeing 787 from 01JUL15

Bangkok – Lahore Service increases from 5 weekly to 7 weekly, A330 service
Bangkok – London Heathrow
TG916/917 operates with Boeing 747-400 instead of A340-600, until 30JUN15 (Service reduce from daily to 5 weekly, Day x24, from 30APR15 to 28JUN15)
TG910/911 operates with A380 from 01JUL15, replacing Boeing 747-400. Overall service reduce from 2 to 1 daily as TG916/917 being cancelled from the same date

TG910 BKK0110 – 0715LHR 380 D
TG911 LHR1230 – 0545+1BKK 380 D

Bangkok – Melbourne TG461/462 Boeing 777-200ER replaces -300/-300ER
Bangkok – Nagoya eff 01OCT15 TG644/645 777-300ER replaces -300
Bangkok – Osaka Kansai eff 01JUL15 TG622/623 Boeing 747-400 replaces A380, 1 daily
Bangkok – Sapporo Boeing 787-8 replaces planned A330-300 in Summer season, daily service. However A330 operates on following period, BKK departure
20MAY15 – 26JUN15 Day 35 (CTS departs on following day)
02SEP15 – 30SEP15 Day 35 (CTS departs on following day)

Bangkok – Tokyo Haneda
TG682/683 Boeing 747-400 replaced by following aircraft
29MAR15 – 29SEP15 777-300
eff 30SEP15 777-300ER

TG660/661 A330-300 replaces Boeing 747-400

Bangkok – Tokyo Narita Operational aircraft changes for TG640/641
29MAR15 – 29JUN15 Airbus A380
eff 30JUN15 Boeing 747-400

TG676/677 operated by A380
TG642/643 operated by Boeing 787 (29MAR15 – 29APR15 operated by A330)

Bangkok – Vientiane Boeing 737-400 replaces A320, 2 daily

Further changes remain highly possible.

Original update filed at 0620GMT 29JAN15.