KLM Updates Planned Boeing 787-9 Routes in W15

KLM in mid-May 2015 has updated its planned Boeing 787-9 operation for flights from Oct 2015, with additional new routes being added. For the moment planned Boeing 787-9 inaugural remains unchanged on 25OCT15, Amsterdam – Abu Dhabi – Bahrain route.

eff 25OCT15 Amsterdam – Abu Dhabi – Bahrain 5 of 7 weekly operated by Boeing 787-9 (Day x35 from AMS; daily 787-9 service from 02DEC15)
eff 30NOV15 Amsterdam – Cairo 2 of 4 weekly (4 weekly from 01MAR16)
eff 02DEC15 Amsterdam – Quito – Guayaquil – Amsterda 2 of 7 weekly (daily from 27MAR16)
eff 03DEC15 Amsterdam – Xiamen 2 weekly (3 weekly from 27MAR16)
eff 28FEB16 Amsterdam – Fukuoka 3 weekly (NEW 787-9 route)
eff 01MAR16 Amsterdam – Rio de Janeiro 2 of 6 weekly (NEW 787-9 route)
eff 27MAR16 Amsterdam – Chengdu 4 weekly

Schedules for Fukuoka and Rio de Janeiro is currently updated until 26MAR16 inclusive. As a result of this latest update, planned 787-9 service on Amsterdam – Hangzhou for the month of March 2016 is cancelled.

This article was originally published on airlineroute.net.