American Airlines Expands San Francisco – Los Angeles / New York Flights from Sep 2015

American Airlines from 09SEP15 is increasing operations from San Francisco, as flights to/from Los Angeles increases from 9 to 11-12 daily, while New York JFK increases from 5 to 6-7 daily. Planned operational schedule as follow.

San Francisco – Los Angeles
AA5943 SFO0600 – 0732LAX E75 x3
AA169 SFO0700 – 0836LAX 738 D
AA5922 SFO0800 – 0932LAX E75 D
AA5944 SFO0900 – 1032LAX E75 x6
AA155 SFO1010 – 1138LAX 738 x6
AA5945 SFO1110 – 1242LAX E75 D
AA5923 SFO1315 – 1447LAX E75 D
AA2438 SFO1430 – 1601LAX 738 X236
AA5924 SFO1630 – 1802LAX E75 D
AA1143 SFO1830 – 1957LAX 738 D
AA218 SFO1930 – 2101LAX EQV D
AA209 SFO2030 – 2207LAX 738 D

AA5946 LAX0700 – 0827SFO E75 x6
AA2438 LAX0800 – 0922SFO 738 x6
AA5947 LAX0900 – 1029SFO E75 D
AA5940 LAX1115 – 1243SFO E75 D
AA1203 LAX1215 – 1338SFO 738 x236
AA5919 LAX1415 – 1543SFO E75 D
AA209 LAX1615 – 1740SFO 738 D
AA1289 LAX1715 – 1839SFO EQV D
AA1071 LAX1815 – 1937SFO 738 D
AA1226 LAX1915 – 2043SFO 738 D
AA5920 LAX2000 – 2126SFO E75 D
AA5941 LAX2100 – 2226SFO E75 x2

San Francisco – New York JFK
AA024 SFO0715 – 1602JFK 32B x6
AA164 SFO0840 – 1725JFK 32B x4
AA012 SFO1113 – 2000JFK 32B x6
AA016 SFO1240 – 2125JFK 32B x2
AA020 SFO1515 – 2352JFK 32B x6
AA075 SFO2115 – 0559+1JFK 32B D
AA018 SFO2300 – 0738+1JFK 32B x56

AA009 JFK0700 – 1016SFO 32B x6
AA015 JFK0825 – 1144SFO 32B x2
AA179 JFK1030 – 1351SFO 32B x6
AA085 JFK1530 – 1904SFO 32B D
AA074 JFK1700 – 2030SFO 32B x3
AA177 JFK1820 – 2144SFO 32B x56
AA163 JFK2050 – 0028+1SFO 32B x5