Allegiant Air Adds 17 New Routes from Nov 2015

Allegiant Air on Tuesday 11AUG15 announced the launch of 17 routes during winter season, which includes 2 new destinations – Kansas City and San Antonio. Planned operational routes and effective dates as follow.

Year-Round service, twice weekly each:
eff 04NOV15 Punta Gorda – Grand Rapids
eff 05NOV15 Ft. Lauderdale – San Antonio
eff 05NOV15 Las Vegas – Belleville
eff 05NOV15 Las Vegas – Oklahoma City
eff 05NOV15 Orlando Sanford – Omaha
eff 05NOV15 Orlando Sanford – Pittsburgh
eff 05NOV15 Orlando Sanford – San Antonio
eff 06NOV15 Punta Gorda – Akron/Canton
eff 06NOV15 Las Vegas – San Antonio
eff 06NOV15 St. Petersburg FL – Appleton
eff 06NOV15 St. Petersburg FL – Scranton
eff 12NOV15 St. Petersburg FL – Kansas City
eff 13NOV15 Orlando Sanford – Kansas City
eff 13NOV15 Orlando Sanford – Rochester NY
eff 13NOV15 Punta Gorda – Kansas City

Seasonal service during winter season, twice weekly:
eff 07NOV15 Orlando Sanford – Grand Island
eff 18DEC15 Las Vegas – Montrose