SAS Adds Tallinn Service from Nov 2015

SAS starting next week will begin service to Tallinn in Estonia, followed by the announcement of Estonian Air suspending operation. Planned operational schedule and frequencies as follow.

eff 16NOV15 Copenhagen – Tallinn 16 weekly CRJ900 (3 daily on weekdays, 1 on Sundays)
SK1786 CPH0740 – 1010TLL CR9 x67
SK1788 CPH1350 – 1620TLL CR9 x67
SK1790 CPH1800 – 2030TLL CR9 7
SK1790 CPH2050 – 2320TLL CR9 x67

SK1791 TLL0620 – 0655CPH CR9 x67
SK1787 TLL1100 – 1135CPH CR9 x67
SK1789 TLL1650 – 1725CPH CR9 7
SK1789 TLL1655 – 1730CPH CR9 x67

Initially service will be operated by Air Nostrum CRJ900 aircraft, but this will later switch to Cimber Air CRJ900.

eff 16NOV15 Stockholm – Tallinn 22 weekly ATR72 (4 daily on weekdays, 2 weekly on Sundays from ARN)
SK748 ARN0735 – 0945TLL AT7 x67
SK1744 ARN1350 – 1600TLL AT7 x67
SK1744 ARN1500 – 1710TLL AT7 7
SK1748 ARN1705 – 1915TLL AT7 x67
SK1771 ARN2110 – 2310TLL AT7 x6

SK1772 TLL0655 – 0710ARN AT7 x7
SK749 TLL1015 – 1030ARN AT7 x67
SK1745 TLL1625 – 1640ARN AT7 x67
SK1745 TLL1735 – 1750ARN AT7 7
SK1749 TLL1940 – 1955ARN AT7 x67

Service operated by JetTimes ATR72

eff 23DEC15 Oslo – Tallinn 2 weekly CRJ900/Boeing 737
SK2418 OSL0930 – 1200TLL 737 5
SK2420 OSL1600 – 1825TLL CR9 7

SK2419 TLL1240 – 1305OSL 737 5
SK2419 TLL1500 – 1530OSL CR9 7

CRJ900 aircraft operated by either Air Nostrum or Cimber Air. Operational schedule varies on selected dates.