EVA Air / UNI Air Updates MD90 Operations in 16H1

EVA Air and its subsidiary UNI Air recently has updated planned MD90 operations for the first half of 2016, which includes following changes.

MD90 operations at Taichung in Central Taiwan will be replaced by EVA Air A321 5 months earlier than planned, effective 01JAN16:

eff 01JAN16 Taichung – Macau 7 weekly
eff 01JAN16 Taichung – Nanjing 1 weekly
eff 02JAN16 Taichung – Guangzhou 2 weekly
eff 02JAN16 Taichung – Shenzhen 2 weekly
eff 03JAN16 Taichung – Seoul Incheon 2 weekly

The MD90 aircraft based in Taichung will be moved to Taipei Taoyuan, operating from 01JAN16 to 26MAR16:

eff 01JAN16 Taipei Taoyuan – Shenyang 2 weekly
eff 02JAN16 Taipei Taoyuan – Harbin 3 weekly
eff 04JAN16 Taipei Taoyuan – Taiyuan 1 weekly
eff 05JAN16 Taipei Taoyuan – Zhengzhou 1 weekly
eff 05JAN16 Taipei Taoyuan – Dalian 1 weekly

MD90 operation at Kaohsiung in Southern Taiwan will be extended to late-May 2016, instead of early-May 2016. However, based on latest schedule update, overall last MD90 operation remains unchanged on 31MAY16. The following is MD90 operational routes and its planned last operational date:

25MAY16 Kaohsiung – Guangzhou
28MAY16 Kaohsiung – Qingdao
29MAY16 Kaohsiung – Fuzhou
30MAY16 Kaohsiung – Wuxi
30MAY16 Kaohsiung – Zhengzhou
31MAY16 Kaohsiung – Kunming
31MAY16 Kaohsiung – Ningbo

Currently, MD90 service is operated by UNI Air and its livery, while aircraft in EVA Air livery has been retired.