Japan TransOcean Air Outlines Boeing 737-800 Operation in Feb 2016

Japan TransOcean Air (JTA) on Friday (27NOV15) announced initial plan for Boeing 737-800 aircraft, due to enter operation on 10FEB16. For the month of February 2016, the airline operates 737-800 twice daily each on Okinawa – Fukuoka and Okinawa – Miyakojima route.

Configuration of the 737-800 is J20Y145.

The following is planned 737-800 operation from 10FEB16 to 29FEB16.

Okinawa – Fukuoka
NU050 OKA0710 – 0845FUK 73H D
NH060 OKA1800 – 1940FUK 73H D

NU053 FUK0925 – 1110OKA 73H D
NU065 FUK2020 – 2200OKA 73H D

Okinawa – Miyakojima
NU559 OKA1150 – 1240MMY 73H D
NU565 OKA1440 – 1535MMY 73H D

NU560 MMY1315 – 1400OKA 73H D
NU564 MMY1610 – 1655OKA 73H D