VLM Ends Selected Antwerp Service in 16Q1

European carrier VLM earlier this week has announced planned network adjustment from Antwerp, which sees the end of 2 routes in the first quarter of 2016.

The airline will be cancelling Antwerp – Geneva service from 15FEB16, followed by Antwerp – Birmingham service closure on 07MAR16. Existing schedule as follow.

Antwerp – Geneva
VG121 ANR0705 – 0845GVA F50 15
VG121 ANR1000 – 1125GVA F50 3
VG125 ANR1735 – 1910GVA F50 x36

VG122 GVA0915 – 1055ANR F50 15
VG126 GVA1600 – 1730ANR F50 3
VG126 GVA1945 – 2125ANR F50 x36

Antwerp – Birmingham
VG171 ANR1130 – 1200BHX F50 1
VG171 ANR1220 – 1245BHX F50 3
VG171 ANR1415 – 1440BHX F50 5

VG172 BHX0920 – 1150ANR F50 3
VG172 BHX1110 – 1240ANR F50 5
VG172 BHX1310 – 1540ANR F50 1

Operational schedule varies on selected dates