United adds San Jose CA – Las Vegas limited flights in Jan 2017

United during Consumer Electronics Show 2017 plans to offer limited-time operation on San Jose CA – Las Vegas service, scheduled from 04JAN17 to 09JAN17. This route will be operated by Skywest Airlines Embraer E175 aircraft, with a total of 7 round-trip flights.

UA5243 SJC1030 – 1200LAS E7W 04JAN17
UA5458 SJC1500 – 1630LAS E7W 04JAN17
UA5865 SJC1930 – 2100LAS E7W 04JAN17
UA5539 SJC0800 – 0930LAS E7W 05JAN17
UA5246 SJC1250 – 1420LAS E7W 08JAN17
UA5640 SJC1715 – 1845LAS E7W 08JAN17
UA5539 SJC0700 – 0830LAS E7W 09JAN17

UA5246 LAS1240 – 1415SJC E7W 04JAN17
UA5251 LAS1710 – 1845SJC E7W 04JAN17
UA5261 LAS2140 – 2315SJC E7W 04JAN17
UA5251 LAS1030 – 1205SJC E7W 08JAN17
UA5248 LAS1500 – 1635SJC E7W 08JAN17
UA5334 LAS1930 – 2105SJC E7W 08JAN17
UA5251 LAS0915 – 1050SJC E7W 09JAN17