HK Express updates planned A321 operations

HK Express in recent schedule update adjusted planned operation for its new 230-seater Airbus A321 aircraft, including schedule extension into summer 2017 season. Planned A321 service in winter 2016/17 season, as of 30NOV16, includes:

Hong Kong – Osaka Kansai 1 daily (UO1686/1687)
eff 03DEC16 Hong Kong – Seoul Incheon 2 of 3 daily (UO618/619, UO3626/3627; Previously scheduled 1 daily)
eff 15DEC16 Hong Kong – Phuket 2 of 7 weekly (Day 56 from HKG, Day 67 from HKT; Previously scheduled 1 daily)

In summer 2017 season from 26MAR17, planned A321 operation update as follow:
Hong Kong – Osaka Kansai 1 of 3 daily (UO1686/1687; 2nd daily on UO1844/1845 from 04SEP17)
Hong Kong – Seoul Incheon 2 of 3 daily (3 daily from 20AUG17)
eff 26MAR17 Hong Kong – Tokyo Haneda 1 of 2 daily (UO624/625, 2 daily from 12JUN17)
eff 26MAR17 Hong Kong – Tokyo Narita 1 of 3 daily (UO646/647, 2nd daily on UO1888/1889 from 20AUG17, 3 daily from 15SEP17)
eff 12JUN17 Hong Kong – Fukuoka 1 of 2 daily (UO1600/1601)
eff 05SEP17 Hong Kong – Jeju 4 weekly
eff 14OCT17 Hong Kong – Chiang Mai 1 daily
eff 14OCT17 Hong Kong – Taichung 1 of 2 daily (UO182/183)

Planned A321 operation on Hong Kong – Da Nang service (1 daily) from 03DEC16 is cancelled. Planned A321 operation remains subject to change.