Swiss S17 CS300 operations as of 29MAY17

Swiss International Air Lines later this week will begin Bombardier CSeries CS300 operation, 2 weeks later than previously scheduled (15MAY17). Inaugural service is now scheduled on 01JUN17. Additional service entry also sees date revision, while regular operations at Zurich will commence from mid-September 2017, one-month earlier than planned.

Between 01JUN17 and 28OCT17, the CS300 aircraft will gradually enter service on following routes (effective date based on Switzerland departure). Operational frequency varies and the CS300 aircraft may only operate on selected dates.

eff 01JUN17 Geneva – London Heathrow (Inaugural flight)
eff 01JUN17 Geneva – Palma Mallorca (third CS300 route)
eff 01JUN17 Geneva – Porto (second CS300 route)
eff 02JUN17 Geneva – Madrid
eff 06JUN17 Geneva – Nice
eff 09JUN17 Geneva – Barcelona
eff 09JUN17 Geneva – Moscow Domodedovo
eff 15JUN17 Geneva – Malaga
eff 17JUN17 Geneva – Lisbon
eff 17JUN17 Geneva – Pristina
eff 18JUN17 Geneva – Prague
eff 19JUN17 Geneva – Athens
eff 01JUL17 Geneva – Irakleion
eff 01JUL17 Geneva – Zakinthos (until 02SEP17)
eff 02JUL17 Geneva – Zurich
eff 07JUL17 Geneva – Valencia
eff 19AUG17 Geneva – Thessaloniki (until 02SEP17)
eff 22AUG17 Geneva – Olbia
eff 04SEP17 Geneva – Marrakech
eff 09SEP17 Geneva – Catania
eff 09SEP17 Geneva – Corfu
eff 16SEP17 Geneva – Biarritz
eff 17SEP17 Zurich – Brindisi
eff 17SEP17 Zurich – London Heathrow (until 01OCT17)
eff 17SEP17 Zurich – Paris CDG
eff 17SEP17 Zurich – Vienna (until 01OCT17)
eff 15OCT17 Zurich – Venice
eff 17OCT17 Zurich – Brussels
eff 18OCT17 Zurich – Bari
eff 19OCT17 Zurich – Manchester (until 22OCT17)
eff 19OCT17 Zurich – Prague
eff 20OCT17 Zurich – Budapest
eff 20OCT17 Zurich – Hanover
eff 21OCT17 Zurich – Sofia
eff 23OCT17 Zurich – Palermo

one-time service scheduled on following routes:
21JUN17 Geneva – Dublin
01OCT17 Zurich – Nice (Also on 22OCT17)
15OCT17 Zurich – Krakow

On 07JUN17 and 08JUN17, CS300 is scheduled to operate selected Zurich service:
07JUN17 Zurich – Hanover
07JUN17 Zurich – Madrid
07JUN17 Zurich – Milan Malpensa
08JUN17 Zurich – Gothenburg

Planned CS300 operational routes and dates remain subject to change. The CS300 aircraft is operated by Swiss Global Air Lines.