WizzAir expands A321 routes in S18

WizzAir in recent schedule update has filed new Airbus A321 operational routes in summer 2018 season, gradually in effect from 25MAR18. Planned new A321 operational routes as follow.

Bucharest – Catania eff 01JUN18 5 weekly
Bucharest – Gothenburg eff 15APR18 2 weekly
Bucharest – Malmo eff 26MAR18 2 weekly
Bucharest – Nice eff 14APR18 3 weekly
Bucharest – Turin eff 25MAR18 2 weekly
Budapest – Basel/Mulhouse eff 03MAY18 5 weekly
Budapest – Bergen eff 17JUN18 2 weekly
Budapest – Moscow Vnukovo eff 04MAY18 4 of 11 weekly
Budapest – Palma Mallorca eff 16JUN18 1 of 3 weekly
Budapest – St. Petersburg eff 04MAY18 4 weekly
Budapest – Skopje eff 05MAY18 2 of 3 weekly
Budapest – Stavanger eff 18JUN18 2 weekly
Sofia – Bratislava eff 25MAR18 4 weekly

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