Air France to conclude JOON brand in late-June 2019

Air France on Thursday 21FEB19 filed scheduled changes which sees the end of JOON-operating service.  Based on schedule and inventory listing, last JOON-operating flights, specified with IATA airline code “JN”, as well as aircraft owner/cabin crew by JOON remark, on various routes as follow.

Paris CDG – Barcelona 26JUN19
Paris CDG – Bergen 31MAR19
Paris CDG – Berlin Tegel 26JUN19
Paris CDG – Budapest 26JUN19
Paris CDG – Cairo 25JUN19
Paris CDG – Cape Town 27JUN19
Paris CDG – Fortaleza 25JUN19
Paris CDG – Istanbul 29MAR19
Paris CDG – Lisbon 26JUN19
Paris CDG – Madrid 26JUN19
Paris CDG – Manchester Planned service transition to JOON from 31MAR19 cancelled
Paris CDG – Mumbai 25JUN19
Paris CDG – Naples 30MAR19
Paris CDG – Oslo 26JUN19
Paris CDG – Porto 26JUN19
Paris CDG – Prague 26JUN19
Paris CDG – Quito 26JUN19
Paris CDG – Rome 26JUN19
Paris CDG – St. Maarten 28JUN19
Paris CDG – Stockholm 26JUN19

Selected European routes listed above is operated by a mix of Mainline and JOON aircraft.  With this new adjustment, Air France Mainline A340 aircraft will continue to operate beyond 01JUL19, despite some may still be operating in JOON livery.