Air France W19 Long-Haul changes as of 18JUN19

Air France earlier this month filed additional changes to its planned winter 2019/20 long-haul operation, effective from 27OCT19. Planned changes as follow.

Paris CDG – Abidjan eff 29OCT19 Nonstop sector increases from 10 to 12 weekly (Previous plan: 11 weekly)
Paris CDG – Bangalore 381-seater 777-300ER replaces 280-seater 777-200ER during following (CDG departure): 16DEC19 – 31DEC19, 06JAN20 – 09FEB20
Paris CDG – Delhi eff 09DEC19 381-seater 777-300ER replaces 312-seater 777-200ER (777-300ER in W18 operated from 28OCT18)
Paris CDG – Fortaleza eff 27OCT19 312-seater 777-200ER replaces A340-300, 3 weekly
Paris CDG – Mumbai Boeing 777-200ER/-300ER (280 and 381-seater respectively) replaces A340-300
27OCT19 – 08DEC19 772 Daily
09DEC19 – 12FEB20 77W Day x4 772 Day 4
13FEB20 – 28MAR20 77W Daily

Paris CDG – Seoul Incheon 777-200ER replaced by following aircraft:
27OCT19 – 22DEC19 777-300ER
23DEC19 – 28MAR20 A350-900XWB

In winter 2019/20 season, Air France A340-300 aircraft is scheduled to operate following routes:
Paris CDG – Cairo 1 daily until 22DEC19
Paris CDG – Djibouti 1 weekly
Paris CDG – Luanda 1 weekly
Paris CDG – St. Maarten 6 weekly

Previously reported changes:
Paris CDG – Bamako – Abidjan eff 09DEC19 787-9 replaces A350-900XWB, increases from 6 to 7 weekly
Paris CDG – Beijing AF382/381 operated by 4-class 777-300ER on daily basis, instead of 3 weekly -300ER and 4 weekly 3-class 777-200ER
Paris CDG – Cairo eff 23DEC19 A350-900XWB replaces A340-300
Paris CDG – Cancun Frequency Increase
eff 30OCT19 Increase from 5 to 6 weekly (Day x1; 777-200ER replaces -300ER on Day 3 from 30OCT19 to 20NOV19)
16DEC19 – 24FEB20 Increase from 6 to 7 weekly

Paris CDG – Dubai eff 27OCT19 Increase from 10 to 12 weekly
Paris CDG – Lima eff 27OCT19 2 of 5 weekly operated by 777-200ER, instead of -300ER
Paris CDG – Luanda eff 27OCT19 1 weekly each A340-300, 777-200ER and 787-9, replacing 2 weekly 777-300ER and 1 weekly A330-200
Paris CDG – Mahe Island (Seychelles) eff 27OCT19 Seasonal service operated by A330-200, replacing A340-300. 3 weekly flights
Paris CDG – Nairobi eff 27OCT19 5 weekly service in NS19 maintained, increase from 3 weekly in NW18. 787-9 operating
Paris CDG – Orlando 777-300ER operates on 05DEC19 and 10DEC19
Paris CDG – Quito eff 27OCT19 787-9 replaces A340-300, 3 weekly
Paris CDG – Rio de Janeiro eff 02DEC19 Increase from 7 to 10 weekly, 3 weekly AF462/467 operated by 787-9
Paris CDG – St. Maarten
eff 27OCT19 Increase from 5 to 6 weekly, A340-300 operating (Previous plan: 7 weekly)
Paris CDG – Santiago de Chile eff 04DEC19 Increase from 7 to 10 weekly, additional flight operated by 787-9
Paris CDG – Shanghai Pu Dong eff 27OCT19 Operational aircraft changes
AF112/117 777-200ER operates 6 weekly, instead of 2 weekly -200ER and 4 weekly -300ER
AF116/111 A380 continues to operate 7 weekly, instead of 5 weekly A380 and 2 weekly 777-300ER

Paris CDG – Toronto eff 25NOV19 A350-900XWB replaces 777-200ER
Paris CDG – Washington Dulles eff 27OCT19 Service increases from 7 to 11 weekly during winter season, AF026/027 operated by A330-200 4 times a week