Chalair adds new French routes in November 2019

French carrier Chalair Aviation in November 2019 is adding 3 routes, on board ATR72 aircraft. Planned new routes and schedules as follow.

Paris Orly – Quimper eff 25NOV19 up to 3 daily
CE292 ORY0850 – 1025UIP AT7 x67
CE292 ORY1020 – 1155UIP AT7 6
CE294 ORY1610 – 1745UIP AT7 x6
CE296 ORY2010 – 2145UIP AT7 x6

CE291 UIP0645 – 0810ORY AT7 x67
CE291 UIP0825 – 0950ORY AT7 6
CE293 UIP1415 – 1540ORY AT7 x6
CE295 UIP1815 – 1940ORY AT7 x6

Poitiers – La Rochelle eff 03NOV19 up to 2 daily
CE812 PIS1020 – 1055LRH AT7 x67
CE816 PIS2130 – 2205LRH AT7 x6

CE811 LRH0600 – 0635PIS AT7 x67
CE815 LRH1710 – 1745PIS AT7 x6

Poitiers – Lyon eff 03NOV19 up to 2 daily
CE811 PIS0700 – 0810LYS AT7 x67
CE815 PIS1810 – 1920LYS AT7 x6

CE812 LYS0845 – 0955PIS AT7 x67
CE816 LYS1955 – 2105PIS AT7 x6