Starlux Airlines outlines operational schedules in 1Q20

EDIT as of 0655GMT: The airline in the last few hours (since the publication) removed schedule listing in Amadeus system.

Taiwan’s start-up carrier Starlux Airlines in the last few days filed operational schedule in Amadeus, scheduled to commence operation on 23JAN20. With Airbus A321neo aircraft, the airline will operate service from Taipei Taoyuan to Da Nang, Macau and Penang, using IATA code JX.

The following is operational schedule filed in Amadeus timetable listing, and further adjustment is likely. The airline is expected to open reservation in the next few days.

Taipei Taoyuan – Da Nang eff 23JAN20 2 daily
JX701 TPE0740 – 0935DAD 32Q x7
JX701 TPE0750 – 0935DAD 32Q 7
JX1701 TPE1520 – 1715DAD 32Q D

JX702 DAD1035 – 1420TPE 32Q D
JX1702 DAD1815 – 2200TPE 32Q 2
JX1702 DAD1825 – 2210TPE 32Q 47
JX1702 DAD1835 – 2220TPE 32Q x247

JX1701/1702 listed until 29MAR20.

Taipei Taoyuan – Macau eff 23JAN20 3 daily
JX201 TPE0725 – 0925MFM 32Q x125
JX201 TPE0730 – 0925MFM 32Q 125
JX203 TPE1305 – 1510MFM 32Q 5
JX203 TPE1315 – 1510MFM 32Q x5
JX205 TPE1845 – 2040MFM 32Q 6
JX205 TPE1850 – 2040MFM 32Q x6

JX202 MFM1030 – 1215TPE 32Q D
JX204 MFM1610 – 1755TPE 32Q D
JX206 MFM2140 – 2320TPE 32Q D

Taipei Taoyuan – Penang eff 23JAN20 1 daily
JX721 TPE0920 – 1400PEN 32Q D
JX722 PEN1500 – 1945TPE 32Q x6
JX722 PEN1510 – 2000TPE 32Q 6