Frontier revises A319 Denver April 2020 operations

Frontier in the last few weeks filed additional changes to its Airbus A319 service at Denver, currently remains scheduled until 23APR20. Planned A319 service as of 02FEB20 as follows.

Denver – Calgary Last Frontier A319 service on 18APR20
Denver – Cedar Rapids 22APR20
Denver – Charlotte 22APR20
Denver – Chicago O’Hare 22APR20 (One-time A319 service)
Denver – Dallas/Ft. Worth 16APR20 (Previous plan: 18APR20)
Denver – Indianapolis 17APR20 (New addition since last report on Airlineroute)
Denver – Knoxville 21APR20
Denver – Las Vegas 23APR20 (One-time A319 service)
Denver – Little Rock 21APR20
Denver – Los Angeles 22APR20
Denver – Madison 21APR20
Denver – Milwaukee 22APR20
Denver – Mobile Downtown 10APR20 (Previous plan: 22APR20)
Denver – Norfolk 19APR20
Denver – Ontario 18APR20 (Previous plan: 22APR20)
Denver – Palm Springs 21APR20 (New addition)
Denver – Philadelphia 23APR20 (New addition, one-time A319)
Denver – Phoenix 22APR20 (New addition)
Denver – Salt Lake City 21APR20 (Previous plan: 22APR20)
Denver – San Antonio 22APR20
Denver – San Diego 21APR20
Denver – Sioux Falls 21APR20
Denver – Tyler 17APR20 (Previous plan: 20APR20)
Denver – Wichita 22APR20

The airline has removed Airbus A319 service on following routes for April (including one-time A319 service):
Denver – Albuquerque
Denver – Fort Lauderdale (Last A319 flight on this route now scheduled on 30MAR20)
Denver – Harlingen
Denver – Oklahoma City