British Airways S20 London Heathrow Long-Haul changes as of 21FEB20

British Airways this past week filed additional service changes for London Heathrow’s long-haul operation for summer 2020 season, as the carrier reassigns operational aircraft for the month of April and May 2020, due to softening demand in East Asia.

Based on latest adjustment as of 21FEB20, BA’s service to Mainland China is now cancelled until mid-April 2020, initially operating with reduced frequency until late-May 2020. Service reduction to Hong Kong, previously reported, is now extended by additional 4 weeks to late-May 2020, while Singapore now also sees capacity reduction.

The following also includes several changes previously reflected in the system, but not covered on Airlineroute.

China / Hong Kong / Singapore changes:
London Heathrow – Beijing Daxing eff 19APR20 Service resumes with 4 weekly flights, increasing to 7 weekly from 01JUN20
London Heathrow – Hong Kong
29MAR20 – 31MAY20 Extended service reduction from 2 to 1 daily until 31MAY20. A380 service operates as BA27/28, except following dates from LHR as BA31/32: 27APR20 – 30APR20, 11MAY20 – 12MAY20, 18MAY20 – 19MAY20, 24MAY20 – 26MAY20

Previously planned reduction unchanged:
BA031/032 01JUN20 – 14JUN20 Reduce from 7 to 6 weekly, A380 operating
BA027/02817AUG20 – 30AUG20 Reduce from 7 to 5 weekly

London Heathrow – Shanghai Pu Dong
eff 18APR20 Service resumes with 3 weekly flights, increasing to 10 weekly from 01JUN20
London Heathrow – Singapore
01APR20 – 31MAY20 777-300ER replaces A380, 1 daily (6 weekly 18MAY20 – 01JUN20)

Other latest changes:
London Heathrow – Atlanta eff 14APR20 787-10 replaces 787-9, 1 daily (Previous plan: eff 10MAR20)
London Heathrow – Austin
eff 29MAR20
A350-1000XWB replaces 747-400, 1 daily (No changes)
01JUL20 – 31JUL20 777-200ER replaces A350 in July 2020

London Heathrow – Bangalore 02JUL20 – 31JUL20 3-class 777-200ER operates 2 of 7 weekly flights, replacing A350-1000XWB
London Heathrow – Boston
eff 29MAR20 BA215/214 777-200ER operates 1 daily, instead of 777-200ER/787-8
eff 01SEP20 BA203/202 A350-1000XWB replaces 777-200ER (Previous plan: eff 01AUG20; Reflected in recent update)

London Heathrow – Buenos Aires Ezeiza Previously not reported, additional frequency reduction, reduced from 7 weekly to
07APR20 – 26APR20 4 weekly (Previous plan: 6)
27APR20 – 05MAR20 5 weekly
06MAY20 – 25MAY20 6 weekly (no changes)
08OCT20 – 24OCT20 6 weekly (no changes)

London Heathrow – Cape Town 29MAR20 – 18APR20 Increase from 7 to 10 weekly, BA045/044 operated by 4-class 777-200ER
London Heathrow – Chennai eff 29MAR20 787-9 replaces -8, weekly frequency varies (Previous plan: 787-9 operates on 1 of 7 weekly)
London Heathrow – Doha 26APR20 – 20MAY20 1 daily cancelled (Previously not reported)
London Heathrow – Houston eff 29MAR20 Additional operational aircraft changes for BA197/196
BA197/196 eff 29MAR20 777-200ER operates entire summer. Planned 787-9 for 29MAR20 – 30MAY20 and 19OCT20 – 21OCT20 cancelled
BA195/194 747-400 replaced by following aircraft (no changes)
29MAR20 – 03AUG20 772 Daily
05AUG20 – 24OCT20 789 Daily (Selected dates operated by 777-200ER: 12SEP20 / 13SEP20 / 20SEP20 / 21SEP20)

London Heathrow – Hyderabad eff 29MAR20 787-9 operates along with -8 on various days (Previous plan: 5 of 7 weekly by -9 for entire season, latest adjustment sees various weekly frequencies operated by -9)
London Heathrow – Miami eff 01JUN20 Reduce from 3 to 2 daily, BA211/210 cancelled (Previous plan: eff 29MAR20)
London Heathrow – New Orleans eff 31MAR20 Planned increase from 5 to 6 weekly (Except 12AUG20 – 01SEP20) unchanged. 787-9 replaces -8 on various dates, instead of selected Tuesdays
London Heathrow – Phoenix 777-300ER replaces 747-400 during following period: 25APR20 – 22JUN20, 30JUN20 – 04JUL20, 09JUL20 – 24AUG20, 17OCT20 – 24OCT20 (Additional dates now scheduled with 777 instead of 747, previously not reported)
London Heathrow – Riyadh 24APR20 – 16MAY20 777-200ER replaces 747-400 (Previously not reported)
London Heathrow – Sao Paulo Guarulhos 01APR20 – 30APR20 747-400 replaces 777-300ER, 1 daily
London Heathrow – Seattle
01MAY20 – 31MAY20 Increase from 2 to 3 daily, BA047/046 operated by 4-class 777-200ER
Planned 747-400 replacement for BA049/048 unchanged:
29MAR20 – 30JUN20 4-class 777-200ER
01JUL20 – 24OCT20 787-10

London Heathrow – Seoul Incheon eff 04SEP20 787-9 replaces -8 on various dates, instead of daily

Previously reported changes:
London Heathrow – Abu Dhabi eff 29MAR20 777-200ER replaces 787-9, 1 daily. 3-class aircraft replaces 4-class from 15JUN20)
London Heathrow – Calgary Service operates until 03OCT20 for summer 2020 season. 787-8/-9 operating
London Heathrow – Dallas/Ft. Worth
eff 01MAY20 787-10 replaces 777-200ER
London Heathrow – Delhi
29MAR20 – 31AUG20 BA143/142 747-400 replaces 777-200ER (No changes)
eff 09SEP20 BA143/142 3-class 777-200ER replaces 4-class aircraft

London Heathrow – Dubai eff 29MAR20 BA109/108 A350-1000XWB continues to operate 1 daily, replacing 777-200ER
London Heathrow – Los Angeles 31MAY20 – 26JUN20 BA283/282 A380 replaces 747-400
London Heathrow – Mumbai eff 29MAR20 Planned service reduction from 21 to 19 weekly unchanged. Aircraft adjustment:
29MAR20 – 04AUG20 787-9 (Selected dates by 787-8)
05AUG20 – 24OCT20  777-200ER (Selected dates by 787-9)

BA139/138 eff 29MAR20 747-400 replaces 777-200ER
BA199/198 31MAY20 – 26JUN20 747-400 replaces 777-200ER

London Heathrow – Muscat Service operates from 01APR20 to 18APR20 for summer season
London Heathrow – Nashville eff 03SEP20 787-10 replaces 787-9, 1 daily (Except selected dates in October. 787-10 also scheduled on 11JUN20)
London Heathrow – Nassau – Grand Cayman eff 31MAR20 Increase from 4 to 5 weekly, 777-200ER operating (Except September)
London Heathrow – Newark eff 29MAR20 BA189/188 Day 7 operated by 3-class 777-200ER, instead of 4-class aircraft
London Heathrow – New York JFK eff 04APR20 BA115/176 cancelled on Saturdays (Overall service reduced from 56 to 55 weekly)
London Heathrow – Philadelphia
eff 29MAR20 Additional aircraft changes
BA067/066 A350-1000XWB replaces previously filed 3-class 777-200ER. This replaces 747-400
BA069/068 4-class 777-200ER continues to operate 3 weekly, instead of 1 weekly 787-9 and 2 weekly 777-200ER

London Heathrow – Portland OR eff 01JUN20 5 weekly 787-8, new route
London Heathrow – Riyadh 24APR20 – 16MAY20 777-200ER replaces 747-400
London Heathrow – San Diego eff 29MAR20 747-400 continues operating in summer season, replacing 777-300ER in S19
London Heathrow – San Jose CA eff 29MAR20 747-400 replaces 787-9, 1 daily
London Heathrow – Tel Aviv eff 29MAR20 BA167/166 A350-1000XWB continues to operate this service, along with 777-200ER
London Heathrow – Tokyo Haneda
eff 29MAR20 Increase from 1 to 2 daily
eff 01JUL20 BA005/006 A350-1000XWB replaces 787-9

London Heathrow – Tokyo Narita
eff 29MAR20 1 daily service moves to Tokyo Haneda
London Heathrow – Washington Dulles eff 29MAR20 BA293/292 A350-1000XWB replaces 3-class 777-200ER