Mandarin Airlines expands leased tigerair Taiwan A320 operation in 3Q20

Mandarin Airlines in late-June 2020 further revised leased tigerair Taiwan  Airbus A320 operation. Initially tigerair Taiwan A320 aircraft was scheduled to operate up to 9 daily Taipei Song Shan – Penghu (Magong) flights from 05JUL20 (reported on Airlineroute on 15JUN20), however this has been expanded to 11 daily. Planned 1 daily round-trip Taipei Song Shan – Kinmen service with A320 remains unchanged, also scheduled from 05JUL20.

As of 1000GMT 03JUL20, leased A320 service is now scheduled until 31AUG20, instead of 31JUL20. Planned A320 operational schedule as follows, with last-minute changes remain possible.

Taipei Song Shan – Kinmen 05JUL20 – 31AUG20 1 of 14 daily (12 in August) operated by A320
AE1263 TSA0810 – 0910KNH 32A D
AE1264 KNH1000 – 1100TSA 32A D

This route was served up to 5 daily in July 2019.

Taipei Song Shan – Penghu (Magong) 05JUL20 – 31AUG20 11 of 16 daily operated by A320
AE2361 TSA0700 – 0745MZG 32A D
AE2363 TSA0820 – 0905MZG 32A D
AE2367 TSA1005 – 1050MZG 32A D
AE2369 TSA1140 – 1225MZG 32A D
AE369 TSA1210 – 1255MZG 32A D
AE2371 TSA1255 – 1340MZG 32A D
AE371 TSA1510 – 1555MZG 32A D
AE2375 TSA1550 – 1635MZG 32A D
AE2377 TSA1630 – 1715MZG 32A D
AE373 TSA1825 – 1910MZG 32A D
AE2381 TSA1900 – 1945MZG 32A D

AE2362 MZG0840 – 0925TSA 32A D
AE2364 MZG1010 – 1055TSA 32A D
AE2368 MZG1130 – 1215TSA 32A D
AE370 MZG1340 – 1425TSA 32A D
AE2370 MZG1420 – 1505TSA 32A D
AE2372 MZG1500 – 1545TSA 32A D
AE372 MZG1650 – 1735TSA 32A D
AE2376 MZG1730 – 1815TSA 32A D
AE2378 MZG1800 – 1845TSA 32A D
AE374 MZG2000 – 2045TSA 32A D
AE2382 MZG2030 – 2115TSA 32A D

This route was served 6-8 daily in July 2019.

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