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Unlock a fully interactive profile, unlimited news posts, email campaigns, the ability to upload route opportunities, and much more to further strengthen your route development strategies.

Basic profile account

Company overview: 1,000 character company description and contact information.

Five news posts: Share up to five press releases and news articles.

Company contacts: Personal profiles to help your targets put a face to a name. 

 Event exposure: Your company logo will click through to your profile from the attendee list page of a Routes event.

Upload route opportunities: As a basic member, you cannot list new routes for airlines to consider.

Email campaigns: As a basic member, you are unable to send segmented emails to our qualified audience.

Request for proposals: Basic members can access RFPs two weeks after RX members.

Airline Requirements: Only RX members can access the airline requirements page from over 190 airlines.

Routes 360 membership

Fully interactive profile: Powerfully communicate your organisation’s messages, services, and key information.

  Unlimited news posts: Your news and press releases will appear on your profile and the community news page.

 Upload route opportunities: List unserved and underserved routes on your profile.

Five email campaigns: Target senior network planners with your own bespoke marketing messages.

 Request for proposals: Receive access to airline RFPs in advance of non-members.

Airline Requirements: Gain exclusive access to 230+ carriers’ network strategies and strengthen your business case.

OAG Routemapper: Access flight data to and from your competitors.

Editorial exposure: Your logo will feature alongside our editorial articles, providing additional brand exposure.

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