ASIANA AIRLINES S12 Hong Kong / Singapore Service Increase

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ASIANA AIRLINES in Summer 2012 season once again is increasing service to Hong Kong and Singapore. Planned service increase as follows.

Seoul Incheon – Hong Kong eff 16JUL12 Increases from 2 to 3 Daily
OZ721 ICN0920 – 1200HKG 744 245
OZ721 ICN0920 – 1200HKG 74E x245
OZ723 ICN1945 – 2230HKG 333 D
OZ749 ICN2010 – 2300HKG 74E x236
OZ749 ICN2010 – 2300HKG 333 236

OZ724 HKG0030 – 0505ICN 333 D
OZ750 HKG0100 – 0530ICN 74E x347
OZ750 HKG0100 – 0530ICN 333 347
OZ722 HKG1330 – 1750ICN 744 245
OZ722 HKG1330 – 1750ICN 74E x245

Seoul Incheon – Singapore Service Increases from Daily to 10 weekly at following period: 23MAY12 to 25JUN12, 18JUL12 to 27AUG12 and 17OCT12 – 27OCT12
OZ751 ICN1620 – 2145SIN 333 D
OZ753 ICN2000 – 0120+1SIN 767 357

OZ754 SIN0230 – 0950ICN 763 146
OZ752 SIN2300 – 0605+1ICN 333 D

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