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COO Hanne Buis is leaving Royal Schiphol Group

COO Hanne Buis will leave Royal Schiphol Group on 1 February. A difference of opinion has recently arisen, which the management board and supervisory board have jointly and intensively tried to bridge. The difference of opinion concerns the operational management of the airport. Despite the joint efforts, it was not possible to bridge the differences. As a result, the Supervisory Board sees no other option then to terminate the employment contract with Hanne Buis. As a result, Schiphol's management temporarily consists of CEO Ruud Sondag and CFO Robert Carsouw. The resulting vacancy will be filled soon.

''It is a pity that the difference of opinion has arisen regarding the operational steering and design of the organisation. The Supervisory Board would like to take this opportunity to express its appreciation and thanks for the major contribution Hanne has made to the aviation sector over the past 18 years in various positions such as Director of Aviation Marketing, CEO of Lelystad Airport and as a member of the Board of Directors of Royal Schiphol Group.''

Jaap Winter, chairman of the Supervisory Board of Royal Schiphol Group

''I worked at Schiphol Group with a lot of energy and pleasure and I regret that we part ways on the basis of this difference. The aviation sector is an important sector that connects the Netherlands with the world. I’m grateful that I was able to contribute to that connection and to the necessary changes in aviation all those years in different roles. I am proud of all employees, partners and all other parties who make Schiphol every day.''

Hanne Buis