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Budapest Airport

  • Country/Region: Flag of Hungary Hungary
  • Telephone: +36 1 296 6634
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  • PAX: 16,173,489

BUD Future: Building for the future

Budapest Airport will invest 65 million euros in modernizing and developing the infrastructure of the gateway to meet the demand of the growing aviation.

  • Budapest Airport set the aim to be the most successful airport in Central Europe.
  • BUD SkyCourt, connecting Terminal 2A and 2B, will be the new landmark building of Budapest. It is designed to merge the flow of all passengers through the airside retail area and link all gates. With its architectural design of light and roominess, it will create a great new experience for those waiting and enjoying the breathtaking views.
  • The check-in area will be increased by 40%. Additionally 10 new check-in counters, eight self check-in counters and 12 screening lanes will speed up the procedures.
  • The opening ceremony will be held in Marc h 2011.