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New test centre for Covid-19 PCR and Antigen tests at Malmö Airport

As the world now slowly opens up, we see that more and more people want to travel again, and there is strong demand from passengers and airlines for the chance to take PCR and Antigen tests and to have travel certificates issued at the airport.

Swedavia has signed an agreement under the Swedish Public Procurement Act with Scantest to set up a test centre at Malmö Airport.

Scantest carries out PCR and Antigen tests at the airport, and if the test result is negative a travel certificate signed by a specialist doctor is issued. The response time is 2-4 hours for PCR tests and 30-60 minutes for Antigen tests.

“Naturally, we think it is very positive that we can now offer a service for which there is strong demand and that is absolutely crucial to our passengers and airlines at Malmö Airport. The tests are important with the restart of air travel and in many cases are a necessary complement to the EU Covid certificate,” says Karin Öhrström, airport director at Malmö Airport.

Different regulations apply in different countries concerning how many hours before a passenger’s departure the test needs to be taken and whether a specific format for the travel certificate is required. Passengers are responsible for checking with their airline about what applies to their own trip before they take the test. The Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs’ Resklar travel app has information about what applies for specific destinations.

“We are enormously pleased and proud to have the opportunity to expand our operations and be an important part of Malmö Airport,” says My-Lien Huynh at Scantest.

There is already a test centre for PCR and Antigen tests under the management of EspressCare set up at Stockholm Arlanda Airport and Göteborg Landvetter Airport.

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